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The jungle class sloop: A tour in 5 parts

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The current limited edition sloop was announced on The Spyglass just the other day. It's the Jungle Class Sloop, at it features the ideas and art of contest winner Coconaut (Cerulean). Take a tour of its tangled topiary and you'll see why Coconaut's design made it into the winner's circle.

Your deadline for ordering one is as yet unknown--Aphrodite did not give a firm date. Her announcement went out on April 14, and Yppedia lists the ship as "available from the shipyards in April/May 2014." Until we know more, your best bet is to move just as fast as you can to get one of these beauties for your very own.

The Figurehead
The Figurehead Subhashish Panigrahi, via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Figurehead

First off, the figurehead is adorable. A mossy, vine-laced tree stretches out from the bow, and itty bitty teeny tiny monkeys are clambering around in its branches. Well, not really clambering per se; the figurehead isn't animated, so it's more like there's one in the canopy, one on the vine, and two hanging out on a patch of moss. If figureheads could be animated, no one would ever station up. All the jobbers would be clustered in the prow, watching the little darlings at play and going "Awwww."

The Upper Deck
The Upper Deck Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

The Upper Deck

This ship is lush. There is no better word for it. Ferns, palms, spider plants and several more flora I can't put a name to sprawl all over the moss-carpeted deck. Parrots congregate in the rigging. You can hardly find the guns at all, the aftcastle is so overgrown. (Remember, you can hit ALT to make every station's clicky interface show up.)

If you want to return to the docks, you'll have to get past the giant freaking spider that's made its home in the lifeboat. Eeeeeeesh that thing is creepy.

The Captain's Grotto
The Captain's Grotto David R. Tribble, via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Captain's Grotto

Yeah, that's right. That's the official term for what, on most limited edition sloops, is referred to as "the cabin." Nope, as the captain of this ship, you get a grotto. It's hiding behind that great carved stone structure reminiscent of ancient Mayan architecture.

Inside, you'll find lots more trees, and also more monkeys! Eeeeee! Also an alligator. Alligators normally make poor roommates, but this one seems to understand and respect boundaries. The gator gets the water, and you get everything else--including that tempting hammock.

The Hold
The Hold "Contribtutor" on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Hold

You get to the hold via a hollow tree reminiscent of the one you may remember from the Alice class sloop.There you'll find another layer of lagoon-studded, gator-tenanted, moss-floored jungle, and also your bilge stations and the below-decks carpentry/patching station. The chest holding your booty has seen better days, but after a pillage or two you'll undoubtedly fill it with something prettier.

Free Pets
Free Pets John Tedesco, via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Free Pets

Well, sort of. Like other limited edition ships before it (again, the Alice class sloop comes to mind), the Jungle class sloop comes with two residents already aboard. These residents, a tiger and a leopard, are prone to taking naps where they please because, really, are you going to tell big jungle cats where to get off? (Actually, you can. They're technically a limited form of swabbie. They won't station and they can't swordfight, but you can tell them to move.) They also have a disconcerting habit of appearing in the room with you suddenly and without warning. But they're a lot easier to deal with than that giant freaking spider (shudder).

Of course, if you want a jungle-themed pet who comes when you call and answers to a name of your own choosing, the "combat cat" will be available at the palace shoppe until 3 p.m. PDT on May 2nd. And it's totally not named after a popular toy and cartoon sidekick of the '80s. Nope. Not hardly. Well... maybe a little. (Dear Aphrodite: "Don't cringe away"? We see what you did there.)


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