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The Griswold's Vacation Tips

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Clark and Ellen Griswold have been taking us for a ride for almost 30 years now. Oh they always take us on their Vacations. They don't believe in the idea of taking video's and boring us half to death. Shoot they give their cameras away to strangers for Pete's sake. The Griswold's and their children Audrey and Rusty have given us many a memory over the years. Wally World or Stonehenge are just a couple of places we have enjoyed. They don't destroy everything they come across but they have brought some places to their knees like Hoover Dam. So sit back and read a few of their wonderful vacations that we have enjoyed over the years. Remember always fill up the vista cruiser before you go. Enjoy.

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'National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)' - The Griswold family is going to take a cross-country vacation. They are going to Wally World, a theme park named after a Moose. Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and his wife Ellen (Beverly D' Angelo) and their children Audry and Rusty(Dana Barron and Anthony Michael Hall) are going to be stuck with each other for days in a station wagon. Now doesn't that sound like loads of fun.

Now first you can't make this trip in your old car. You have to buy a new one and break it in. That's what they thought when they had ordered it. What they got is not what they wanted, but they settled and let the dealership off the hook. Now Clark has this trip all accounted for when and where they are going and how long they can spend at each stopover.

OK, a blind man could see that this was going to be a trip through hell. The Griswold's were going to stop at their cousins Eddie and Catherine's (Randy Quaid and Miriam Flynn). You would think that this would be a good thing. Well Eddie hasn't been working for awhile so he hits up Clark for a loan. The surprise of all surprises is they are going to ask Clark to drop off Aunt Edna (Imogene Coca) on their way out to Wally World. What are you going to say, no. Of course, your going to drop her off. She's Aunt Edna for Christs sake, she's older than dirt.

They are back on the road again but Clark seems to want to day dream about this beautiful blonde in a red sports car that he keeps passing. Now your a married man and you still like to look at beautiful women. You just don't want to get caught by your wife. Well here is this blonde flirting with Clark and he ends up running off the road and flattening the tires.Oh did I mention they are in a dessert region of the United States. Yeah that's right Clark has to find a gas station and do it in the dessert.

Will he be able to do it,well that takes you watching the rest of this trip and the film. Director Harold Ramis does a beautiful job with this film and makes you laugh all over yourself. The movie is great and makes you happy that you would never take a vacation like this because your smarter than the Griswold's.

'National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985)' - The Griswold's are on TV on the Pig in a Poke game show. Clark and Ellen and children Audrey and Rusty (Chevy Chase and Beverly D' Angelo and Dana Hill and Jason Lively) are doing quite well and may win the grand prize, a trip to Europe. Game show host Kent (John Astin) is kind of rooting for the Griswolds but they win anyway.

Now if you saw the first Vacation movie you would remember that these are the people who don't have a clue to have a peaceful vacation. They arrive on the continent and land in England. Clark being the man he is will go and rent a car to travel around the country. The first day out driving he hits a car and a pedestrian. He gets himself stuck in a round about for several hours. Just never seeming to be able to get the one turn off he needs.

The second day out he knocks over Stonehenge. That's right the stone blocks that have been standing on their own for thousand years or so he knocks over. England survives and they are headed to Paris. Once again Clark is driving and he runs over someone's luggage. Now Clark wants to be chic and goes out and buys some Beret's for the family. Rusty has a fit and doesn't want to wear it but concedes and agree's to put it on.

While out looking over Paris, they find themselves by the Eiffel Tower and Rusty sees a beautiful young girl. He ends up seeing her again up on the Tower and tries to flirt with her. Now the girls family has their dog with them and when Rusty's hat goes over the side so does the dog into a fountain. Rusty's not going to be seeing this girl again.

The family heads to Germany and stay's with a family they think are related to them but because of the language difference they don't realize they went to the house. Everybody is family if you think about it. They have a nice time but I'm really surpised that a war didn't start because of them.

Director Amy Heckerling brings this crazy family to Europe and they make it there and back alive. Though there are some moments you wonder. This is a great laugh of a movie so sit back and enjoy.

'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)' - It's Christmas time for The Griswold's and we open with the family out looking for the Christmas tree. Now this family does not go to the neighborhood tree lot. Clark (Chevy Chase) and Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo) take the kids out to the woods. Yes, Clark forgot to bring the saw but that doesn't matter. They just rip it up roots and all. Let's not forget to mention the fact that Audrey( Juliette Lewis) almost freezes out in the woods. Clark wants to have a traditional Christmas at whatever the cost.

Now this is the family that puts 25,000 outside lights on the house. Clark and his boy Rusty (Johnny Galecki) works all day and into the night putting up all these lights. Of course, they don't work the first time. Which doesn't make Clark look to good in front of his parents and in-laws. Yes, Clark has his parents Clark Sr.(John Randolph), his mother Nora (Diane Ladd), and the in-laws Art ( E.G. Marshall and his wife Francis (Doris Roberts) for the Holidays.

You see Clark is looking forward to his Christmas bonus so that he can put a pool in the backyard, and he wants to tell the whole family this news on Christmas. Clark is going all out to have that special Christmas. Even his cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) and wife Catherine (Miriam Flynn) showing up unannounced doesn't ruin it for Clark.

Clark doesn't even get upset when Catherine doesn't cook the turkey right. As it gets closer to that special day there is one thing that does send Clark over the edge but I'll leave that for you to find out when your watching this fun film.

Director Jeremiah S. Chechik does an excellent job with what has now become a favorite movie to watch at Christmas time. This movie is good to watch even in the dog days of summer. This is one of the funniest movies ever made. If it can go wrong it does, and this movie shows us those hilarious Yuletide mishaps in spades. The uninvited guests, the tree that doesn't fit the room, or the Christmas dinner that goes wrong, if it happens, this movie laughs about it. So sit back and enjoy one of our favorite Christmas classics and just think there's only a few months to go.

'Vegas Vacation (1997)' - Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) has that feeling once again. He longs for the open road. He yearns for the Hotels and Motels and the swimming pools for late night dips. It's time for a vacation.

Clark and Ellen (Beverly D' Angelo) and the kids Audrey and Rusty ( Marisol Nichols and Ethan Embry) are headed to Vegas. Clark has just invented a food preservative and has received a hefty bonus check from work. Now once in Vegas they all settle down and look forward to gambling and eating and sight seeing. Clark is out walking and who should he run into but cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid). Eddie and the family have recently moved to the Vegas area and running into Eddie would seem like a good thing but hey it never is.

Now this wouldn't be a Vacation movie without Clark destroying something. Here he destroys Hoover Dam. While on a tour it is simply an accident but of course it was Clark who destroyed the dam.

Now while in Vegas they see the act Siegfried & Roy and enjoy it immensely. It's the Wayne Newton show that throws everything into a quandary. Ellen and Wayne hit it off but don't let me get ahead of the game. Oh did I mention that Clark went gambling and lost 22,000 dollars. Yeah and then he lost all of Eddie's savings. Yup, Eddie felt kind after all that Clark had done for him and gave him a wad of cash. Did I mention Audrey hanging out in a strip club. Maybe, did I mention Rusty is out gambling his money.

Yes, once again America's most dysfunctional family is at it again and it is Vegas baby. This is one movie that if you get up from viewing it you might miss something. So get your popcorn and soda before you start watching this one.

Director Stephen Kessler makes us all wish that when we go on Vacation we go the opposite way. This family is always good for a laugh or two but in the end they always realize they are all that they have and they are the Griswold's.


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