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The Game List: The beards of the Mushroom Kingdom

The Mario brothers are no strangers to facial hair, having each sported gentlemanly mustaches for decades but what if the two decided to grow out full beards along with the rest of the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. That's exactly what today's edition of The Game List will give gamers a look at.

All images from The Game List are original artworks of the Console Game Examiner as part of an ongoing daily look at the video games with the inspired artworks of David Stonecipher. David's works have become popular in the field of fanart and have thus gained him an audience. His art has been Featured in Game Informer, Kotaku, Joystiq, and several other outlets around the web. With his unique style, he specializes in transforming the characters from video games that fans have come to love in order to show them in new light. Among his favorite transformation to depict these gaming heroes includes showing them as zombies, bearded, and of the opposite gender.

The art of David Stonecipher can be further seen on his DeviantART and Tumblr pages. Also be sure to check here daily for the Console Game Examiner's daily does of The Gaming Sketch, featuring an original video game art series from David Stonecipher.

Mario art by David Stonecipher


First up is the Mushroom Kingdom's main hero, Mario.  The portly plumber already sports a bushy mustache, so its not much of a stretch to give the legendary figure a full set for whiskers.  Not only does it make him look more ready for battle, but with Mario's plump size, it also makes him look more cuddly too.

Luigi art by David Stonecipher


As Mario's right hand man and blood brother, Luigi has always copied his big bro's facial hair so its natural to expect to see the green clad plumber to grow out a full face of hair to continue to follow in his brothers footsteps.

Bowser art by David Stonecipher


Nothing shows a person's true villainy more than the stroking and twirling of facial hair.  That being said, its not only expected to see the Mushroom Kingdom's head creator of mayhem sporting an evil beard, it should be required for the official King of all Koopas to have one.

Koopa Troopa
Koopa Troopa art by David Stonecipher

Koopa Troopa

Even the little minions of Bowser's armies need to have style and achieve intimidation while taking to the battlefield to combat those pesky plumbers.  The attack-turtles can achieve both results by growing out some facial hair of their own to look both dapper and more manly at the same time.

Princess Peach
Princess Peach art by David Stonecipher

Princess Peach

The Mushroom Kingdom is a realm that provide equal opportunity, so if the rest of the kingdom is getting the chance to show off their chin hairs its only fair that the monarchy's ruling part should get to join in the fun.  Perhaps it makes Peach seem more at home at a carnival rather than the ruling court however.

Toad art by David Stonecipher


The muscle-bound mushroom man, Toad, just actually seems like having a beard is a natural fit for the tiny walking fungus.  Not only does a long beard seem to make the popular figure even more stout, but it also gives him the feel like he is always going to be life of the party.



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