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The best fashion of Made In America

Screenshot from the Made In America website.
Screenshot from the Made In America website.
Screenshot from the Made In America website.

Think of a land filled with sweaty white people in headbands, red, white and blue tank tops, with lots, and lots of beer. A place like this exists, and we call it the Made In America Festival.

This past weekend crowds of Philadelphians flocked to the 2014 installment of the festival to enjoy the two-day musical extravaganza. If you're anything like me, you didn't go or check it out because you don't like any of the performers, or sweating, or crowds, and beer is not your thing. But one aspect of the festival that is truly exciting, even for those that aren't fans, is the bold and varied fashion of those that attend.

Publications all over the web covered the style of Made In America with extensive photo galleries of the street style of excited attendees. Needless to say, many dressed in typical American garb (think red, white, and blue), but others thought outside the box and brought together pieces that truly set them apart from the crowd.

Check out the coverage below of the festival's fashion with commentary from publications like Complex Magazine, and Philadelphia Magazine's Ticket.

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