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The 2014 spring allergy capitals in the United States

Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY

Centers for Disease Control has increased their previous estimate of over 24 million Americans who said that they suffered from spring allergies to 40 million Americans. This includes those who experience symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, scratchy throat, and eyes that water or itch.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has released its "2014 Spring Allergy Capitals," which is a list of the worst cities in the nation to live in if you’re allergic to common allergens like pollen, mold and other airborne irritants.

Here’s this year’s top 10 list of worst cities to live in if you suffer from allergies:

1. Louisville, KY

2. Memphis, TN

3. Baton Rouge, LA.

4. Oklahoma City, OK

5. Jackson, MS

6. Chattanooga, TN

7. Dallas, TX

8. Richmond, VA

9. Birmingham, AL

10. McAllen, TX

For a complete list, or to see where your hometown ranks on this year’s worst cities for allergies, click here.


Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY BotMultichillT/Wikipedia

Louisville, KY

Hilly terrain blankets the Southwest part of the city. Air pollution is trapped in Louisville's Ohio River Valley location. The first Kentucky Derby was held on May 17, 1875, at the Louisville Jockey Club track (later renamed Churchill Downs).

Memphis, TN
Memphis, TN Trevorbirchett/Wikipedia

Memphis, TN

Memphis skyline, as seen from Tom Lee Park (2013). Memphis had a population of 655,155 in 2012, making it the largest city in the state of Tennessee, the largest city on the Mississippi River, the third largest in the Southeastern United States, and the 20th largest in the United States

Baton Rouge, LA
Baton Rouge, LA Formulanone/Wikipedia

Baton Rouge, LA

Picture: Downtown Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge is a major industrial, petrochemical, medical, and research center of the American South. The Port of Baton Rouge is the ninth largest in the United States in terms of tonnage shipped, and is the farthest upstream Mississippi River port capable of handling Panamax ships.

Oklahoma City, OH
Oklahoma City, OH Mr Accountable/Wikipedia

Oklahoma City, OH

One of the more prominent landmarks downtown is the Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Botanical Gardens, a large downtown urban park. Designed by I. M. Pei, the Crystal Bridge is a tropical conservatory in the area. The park has an amphitheater, known as the Water Stage. In 2007, following a renovation of the stage, Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park relocated to the Myriad Gardens. The Myriad Gardens will undergo a massive renovation in conjunction with the recently built Devon Tower directly north of it.

Jackson, MS
Jackson, MS Marduk/Wikipedia

Jackson, MS

Standard Life Building, downtown Jackson. It had a decline in population from 184,256 at the 2000 census to 173,514 at the 2010 census. The 2010 census ascribed a population of 539,057 to the five-county Jackson metropolitan area.[6] The city is ranked third as the best "Bang For Your Buck" city among the United States' 100 largest metro areas, according to Forbes magazine.[7] The study measured overall affordability in living cots, housing rates, and more.