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Teaching children about 5 types of transport

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Transportation is essential to the history of human beings. Without transportation humans never would have been able to expand their empires and learn about other cultures. If no one ever traveled then there would have been no Silk Road, limited trade opportunities, and many countries—like America as we know it today—would never have been founded.

Transportation began with the simplest mode of transport—walking. From there people found other, faster, ways to move about including riding on animals like horses and camels. Later, man created machinery like cars and buses to increase movement. Presently millions of people use cars and other modes of transport daily to commute to work, attend school, or even shop in markets that are somewhat distant from their homes.

When children are very small it is good to start telling them some basic facts about the different modes of transportation in a very general and fun way. The attached list includes pictures and some basic facts about everyday modes of transportation.

Cars Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images


Cars are considered an essential staple of life for many people. Cars help individuals travel about daily and some people even take cars on extended road trips. There are numerous car companies all over the world and cars can range in price; used cars can sell for as little as a few hundred dollars and luxury cars can cost hundreds of thousands! Cars also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most cars can fit five people inside of them. However, Smart Cars are tiny cars that fit only two passengers while minivans can fit seven or eight passengers. Being able to drive requires attaining a license and people can start learning how to drive when they are teenagers.

Buses Mathis Wienand/Getty Images for Gibson


Buses are a great way for many people to travel together at once. Buses range in types and duties. Some are local city buses that take riders along various routes to access different parts of the same city or town. Other buses, like the Grey Hound line, travel across the country. Schools use buses to transport students and tour buses allow visitors to see all the most famous sites of a location. Buses and trucks are much larger than cars and therefore require special licenses to drive.

Trains Photo by Ian Willms/Getty Images


The railroad was one of the most important inventions in the history of transportation and it was particularly central to the development of the United States.  In the days before cars and planes were invented, trains were the only means that people had to travel across America and explore the mid-lands of the country. Most of the Mid-West was founded due to the railways. Currently there are faster ways to get across the country but trains are still central to everyday travel. For example, the New York City Subway relies on trains to transport thousands of people on a daily basis.

Planes David McNew/Getty Images


International travel once required weeks—sometimes months—of travel. Presently, even the most far off locations can be accessed in less than 30 hours due to the invention of airplanes. Air travel is considered to be one of the safest and fastest ways to reach distant places. Air travel requires a lot of pre-planning and it can be quite expensive but it has increasingly lessened travel times and made international travel possible for many people.

Boats Cameron Spencer/Getty Images


Boats are used every day for an assortment of reasons. Ferries like the Staten Island Ferry help commuters daily. Other boats are used for work purposes such as fishermen traveling out to sea in order to catch fish or travel companies using boats to give tours. Cruise ships actually serve as a way for people to take entire vacations on boats and many of these enormous ships include pools, restaurants, shops, theaters and more!




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