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Talk Nerdy to Me: Geek-Inspired Cocktails for Comic Con

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The San Diego Comic Con is in motion and a celebration of galactic proportions calls for some delicious refreshments! After waiting in line forever to shake William Shatner’s hand, a little pick-me-up is in order. If there’s one thing we nerds know more about than Marvel vs DC, it’s how to party!

To help you celebrate, here are some delicious geek-inspired cocktails. Try ordering these at the hotel bar while you’re partying the night away in San Diego. If you can’t make it to Comic Con then drink to forget and prepare them at home. Either way, these delicious drinks are great refreshments for a nerdy party.

Lady Thor
Lady Thor Photo taken by author

Lady Thor

An original cocktail in honor of the new female Thor! Raise your hammer and your glass for this sweet and tart drink. The Lady Thor has a lighter taste but it has a bite that will satisfy both light and experienced martini drinkers. It’s best enjoyed on the rocks.

1oz of Cherry sour liqueur
A splash of Odell’s IPA
1oz of unsweetened ice tea
1oz of Lemonade

Directions: Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Pour into a glass over ice. Voila!

Harley Quinn's Ace
Harley Quinn's Ace Photo taken by author

Harley Quinn's Ace

Here’s a cocktail for all the Harley Quinn cosplayers to enjoy. Our friends at the Drunken Moogle blog prepared this recipe. This cocktail is very strong and sassy, just like the Joker’s right hand woman. It's best enjoyed right before the midnight rave or on a late night out with Mr. J.

2oz Chambord
2oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
1oz Vodka
1 Cherry

Directions: Chill martini glass. In a shaker, add ice, Chambord, St.Germain and Vodka. Shake. Strain into martini glass. Top with Champagne and add a cherry.

Mass Effect’s Serrice Ice Brandy
Mass Effect’s Serrice Ice Brandy Photo taken by author

Mass Effect’s Serrice Ice Brandy

This is a little something lime-y to celebrate the earlier release of Mass Effect 4 on December 31st, 2014. The Drunken Moogle has an option to use soda water instead of vodka to lessen the alcohol, which I personally enjoyed more. However, if you’re looking for a stronger drink to get the party rolling, use vodka instead. Don’t worry, the finish to this drink is much better than the finish to Mass Effect 3, no matter what method you use.

1.5fl oz Vodka (or Soda Water if you want to lessen the alcohol)
¼fl oz Apricot Brandy
½fl oz Blue Curacao
1 Tablespoon of Lime Juice

½ Cup Granulated Sugar
1-2 Teaspoons Water
Red Food Coloring
Wedge of Lime

Making the Garnish: Place the sugar in a small container and add the water with a few drops of red food coloring. Shake the container to mix the color and dye the sugar red. Rub a wedge of lime around the rim of the glass then dip the glass into the sugar to coat it.

Making the Drink: Pour all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker with some ice. Shake it up until chilled. Add a few cubes of ice to the prepared glass, pour and drink upon defeating the Reapers.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Photo taken by author

Green Lantern

Just as there are several Green Lanterns, there are several different ways to make a Green Lantern cocktail. The one I like best, though, is this simple recipe using vanilla vodka. Surprisingly, the mix of sprite, vanilla, and melon flavors gives the drink a coconut taste. The recipe calls for Midori to help hit your desired color, but you won’t need that much to get a fun bright, green lantern hue.

1 ½ Sprite
1 ½ Vanilla Vodka
Midori to taste (don’t use too much)
Orange slice

Directions: Mix Sprite and Vodka together with ice. Strain into a chilled glass. Add a little Midori until bright green. Garnish with an orange slice. Repeat the phrase “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power...Green Lantern’s light!” and serve.

Homura Photo taken by author


Looking for a drink that’s cool and classy? Then taste this simple yet tasty drink inspired by the cool and mysterious Homura Akemi from the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This recipe was made by snarkylookingthing, a tumblr with a variety of other Madoka cocktail recipes. The blackberry grenadine in this drink makes the Champaign look like a red wine but taste like a sweetened white wine. This sweet combination will make you wish you could drink it over and over again.

1 tablespoon of blackberry grenadine

Directions: Pour Champagne into a Champagne flute. Then drop the grenadine into the Champagne. Make a wish and drink.

Ciel Phantomhive-Mocktail
Ciel Phantomhive-Mocktail Photo taken by author

Ciel Phantomhive-Mocktail

This is simply one hell of a mocktail to celebrate the return of the anime series, Black Butler. This simple mocktail tastes like a mint chocolate float. It will also turn your tongue blue.

2 scoops of vanilla chocolate swirl ice cream
1 ½oz of Sprite
Chocolate Syrup to taste
Blue food coloring
Whip cream

Directions: Mix Sprite, ice cream, and a little chocolate syrup in a shaker. Pour into a tall glass. Mix in food coloring until drink turns bright blue. Top with whip cream and chocolate syrup. Order your butler to serve it to you and enjoy.

Sonic Screwdriver-Mocktail
Sonic Screwdriver-Mocktail Photo taken by author

Sonic Screwdriver-Mocktail

This Dr. Who inspired concoction is my favorite mocktail. Our friends at the Drunken Moogle also created this drink and it’s delicious! It starts out very sweet, but then a secondary sour taste kicks in making it taste like a martini even though there’s no alcohol. The recipe says to use Rose’s Blue Raspberry Mix but I’m unfamiliar with that brand so instead I used Crystal Light Liquid, blue raspberry flavor, and it tasted fine. Though it’s made to be a mocktail, it can easily be turned into a cocktail by adding 1oz of Vodka or Baileys.

3oz Orange Juice
1.5oz Rose’s Blue Raspberry Mix (I used Crystal Light Liquid instead)
.5oz Lime Juice
3oz Ginger ale

Directions: Mix all ingredients in a highball glass over ice and stir. Yell “Geronimo” and serve. It doesn’t do wood. I also added a lime for garnish.