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Taking lessons of floral arranging is advanced investment to enrich your life

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If you have something you would like to master, it is important to learn diligently until you earn knowledge and skills that will satisfy your wish and requirements. Suppose you would like to master swimming, the most common way is to take swim lessons by joining a class. If you would like to master speaking Italian language, one of the most effective ways is joining a school where you can learn Italian.

How about earning a computer skill ? If you are not familiar with how to use computer software such as Power Point or Excel, one of the most common ways is taking lessons from a reliable instructor. No matter what you learn, the most legitimate way MAY be taking lessons. Although it is not free to join a class, you are not supposed to hesitate to spend money if you seriously want to earn valuable knowledge and skills

Learning floral arrangement is not exceptional. Although we find some people who prefer “self-education” to joining a school or taking lessons from a local instructor, it is not a wise decision to learn it by yourself because if you make a mistake in the way of floral designing or when your judgment is not the way it should be, the way you arrange cannot be corrected because you have no advisor who can provide you with a timely and appropriate advices. This means you have no way of making improvement on your wrong way of floral arranging.

As you know, one of the most important functions of instructors or teachers is providing students with timely and valuable advices and instructions when students make a mistake. If students cannot get a timely advice/instruction, they lose a chance of making corrections and improvements on their floral designing skill.

As seen from above, those who have no experiences in floral arrangement or no educational background relating to floral designs should not hesitate to take lessons by spending a reasonable amount of tuition. The tuition for taking lessons should be considered ADVANCE INVESTMENT which can be recovered later once they earn a decent skill that can be well used for enjoying their hobby of floral arrangement or doing floral business.

Again if you seriously want to earn a good skill of floral decorations that can help enrich your life, you are recommended to learn from a reliable instructor so that you can really enjoy the valuable hobby of flower arrangement or make the best use of your priceless skill for doing the business of floral decorations.

If you would like to earn practical skills of flower arrangement, it is highly recommended to join a floral design school near you. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley (San Jose) and find no suitable floral arrangement class near your location, why not join California Flower Art Academy where you can start from INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM for less than $89. For more information, feel free to contact

Table arrangement by the window
Table arrangement by the window Californiia Flower Art Academy

Table arrangement by the window

You can display your table arrangement at various places. The photo shows the floral decoration placed by the window of a classroom of California Flower Art Academy. If you like, you can display on the dining table, cocktail table or on the mantel over a fireplace.

Guest Welcoming Floral Arrangement
Guest Welcoming Floral Arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Guest Welcoming Floral Arrangement

You can enjoy making a floral arrangement of your own design that reflects the concept you have in your mind once you earn practical skills of floral arranging. After you are done floral designing, you can display it wherever you like. When you have a party inviting your friends to your home, why not display a floral decoration on the console table in the foyer ?

Small centerpiece
Small centerpiece California Flower Art Academy

Small centerpiece

This tiny and beautiful table arrangement can be displayed in front of a fireplace of your home.The nice color coordination featuring pink and white flowers attract visitors to your home. Nice decoration to impress your friends who are invited to your home party.


Heart Shaped Flower Decoration
Heart Shaped Flower Decoration California Flower Art Academy

Heart Shaped Flower Decoration

This is really sophisticated floral arrangement actually designed and made at a classroom of California Flower Art Academy. The design is done with heart shape and it features a lovely bird as shown in the picture.

Parallel Arrangement
Parallel Arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Parallel Arrangement

This is one of examples of Parallel Floral Arrangement that features several vertical line flowers in green color and also purple flowers. At the reception counter of various events, you can display this kind of flower arrangement which attracts and entertains eyes of visitors.