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Taking care of your household – and all that is in it - #3

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Are you, by nature, a messy person or do messes just seem to occur no matter where you go or how careful you try to be? This is the third in a series of articles geared towards assisting you in cleaning up the messes in your life,…at least those that are likely to pop up in your household.

Many of those who tend to keep everything (otherwise known as hoarding) eventually wake up one morning with the realization that something must change, and soon. Unfortunately, knowing that and doing something about it are two different things entirely. Even so, the answer may lie in a take in that age-old question: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Ergo, How do you de-clutter your life? One piece at a time.

How does one go from being totally overwhelmed by the task at hand to taking control of it? Do it the same way you would approach building a new home – you make a plan that will allow you to reach your goals as you tackle one area of your home at a time. Perhaps this definition of clutter from Clutterers Anonymous can help you get started: Clutter is anything we don’t need, want or use that takes our time, energy, or space and destroys our serenity.

Working with that definition from those who certainly would know it best, many professionals suggest you first visualize the end result you desire – in every space, then go through these four easy steps to get there.

Make a wish list
Make a wish list fotosearch

Make a wish list

Think about the area that needs cleaning and organizing. Write it down to make it real. Keep in mind what you either want or need to store there and how best to access it. Be specific. Note the function of that particular area as it will affect the way you complete your task.

Be realistic
Be realistic fotosearch

Be realistic

Sometimes your dream for a space is simply too large for the square footage you have. If it is not practical for you to spend money on alterations now, move that part of the plan to your long-range goals. Don’t let that stop you from cleaning the area, however.

Set priorities
Set priorities fotosearch

Set priorities

Once you have completed the first two steps for every area in your home, set your priorities. Your top goal for each room should always be, “What is the most important function of this room?”

Identify your clutter problems
Identify your clutter problems fotosearch

Identify your clutter problems


We tend to be our own worst enemies when it comes to the war on clutter. Realizing that de-cluttering will improve our lives by providing us more space, more free time, less stress and an easier way to clean house just may give us the inspiration we need to take that all important first step to an uncluttered life.