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Survey shows how parents of infants pass the time during late night feedings

Infant products company Chicco recently released results of a survey studying how newborn parents occupy their time during nighttime feedings.
Infant products company Chicco recently released results of a survey studying how newborn parents occupy their time during nighttime feedings.
Chicco USA

Infant products company Chicco USA recently released the results of their late night feeding survey, which shows how parents occupy their time when feeding their babies during the wee hours.

To celebrate the launch of Chicco’s NaturalFit Advanced Feeding & Soothing System, which is designed to simplify bottle feeding for parents and their newborns, Chicco USA polled new moms and dads to find out what goes on during those nights of feedings and sleep deprivation.

Lifestyle expert and famed mom blogger Vera Sweeney has teamed with Chicco to promote the launch of their new product line. Sweeney became a fan of Chicco products years ago when she bought a Chicco car seat for her first child and describes the new Advanced Feeding & Soothing System as very smart and simple to use.

Faking sleep?
Faking sleep? Andrew Wong/Getty Images

Faking sleep?

According to the 2014 Chicco Late Night Feeding Survey, 44 percent of parents suspect their partners of feigning sleep to avoid getting up to feed the baby. More than a third of dads admit to doing just that, while only 28 percent of moms do.

The survey showed that 91 percent of moms believe they take on the majority of overnight feedings. Most parents find the bonding time valuable, though, with 75 percent of parents reporting that the time deepened the bond between themselves and their babies.

Sweeney feels fortunate to have a husband who shares equally in parenting responsibilities. "It’s a real partnership, and it makes life so much easier," she says. "We both work from home, running several online properties together as a team. We’re able to split parenting responsibilities equally - including all those late night feedings."

Facebook tops in late night social media
Facebook tops in late night social media Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Facebook tops in late night social media

Almost all moms (98 percent) and dads (94 percent) check social media while feeding baby in the middle of the night, with Facebook the most popular first stop. Moms generally visit Pinterest second, with dads preferring Twitter and YouTube.

Sweeney, who has three children ranging from age 1 to almost 9, notes the difference between what was available to help pass the time several years ago - mainly TiVo - compared to the multitude of options available now on tablets and smart phones.

She notes, "These days, it seems like just another opportunity for me to check email, scan a handful of social media apps and find inspiration for the next day’s posts." Instagram and Pinterest have kept her occupied recently, along with playing Candy Crush.

Dads & moms both surf the Web
Dads & moms both surf the Web Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Dads & moms both surf the Web

According to the Chicco survey, Dads who surf the Internet during night feedings tend to visit sports-related sites like or general news sites, while moms look at parenting or shopping sites.

Unfortunately, more late night entertainment options don't translate into additional shut-eye for sleep-starved moms and dads.

When asked whether the lack of sleep from being up with an infant during the night ever caused her to do odd things, Sweeney responds, "I’ve put milk in the oven, ice trays in the refrigerator and mail in my son’s school bag."

She has yet to make any regrettable purchases from TV pitchmen, but cautions that they "still aren’t completely out of those early stages just yet, so I don’t want to jinx myself. You never know…I might stumble across a tabletop grill, exercise device or 8-in-1 kitchen utensil tomorrow night that I just can’t pass up!"