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Super Full Moon exposes emotional obstructions

The moon knows what to expose from the seed you have been carrying this spring.
The moon knows what to expose from the seed you have been carrying this spring.

As we are approaching a Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse our bodies are feeling the effects three days before and three days after its full illumination. A Lunar Eclipse can be felt 30 days prior to its arrival. With its open worldly invitation, we are being pushed to expose the darkness that lies beneath our own surface. We are mostly made of water; the human body in mass is 55-78% water. Much of the percentage has to do with how much water we hold in the body. The moon represents our emotions and has a direct connect to all watery matter. Each full moon exposes and brings to light what we have intended to accomplish from the previous New Moon or it highlights the anxious and out of balance nature of who we really are.

The moon is our connection to the world of feelings. The vibration this month’s Full Moon is pulling from is in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is known as the archetype of the Archer. This dominant spiritual seeking force pin points its views with his arrow targeting his accomplishments for himself and others. With no prisoners he pushes them out of the way or initiates them to join in the cause. What we are being asked in this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is to connect with our deepest intentions and not allow the water of the Moon to drown out our fiery passions. The Lunar Eclipse is pushing us to break this resisting force that may be causing us to miss the point or target completely.

We have choices in our everyday lives and we determine our decisions based on a filter of potential and possibility. We weigh our thoughts through a scale of deserving measures.

“Am I worthy of this accomplishment, gift, person or situation?”

“Do I have the information I need to really move forward?”

“Am I ready to consider this part of me complete or do I need to enhance my experience more?”

Questions like these may come to mind, not in a direct sense, but in a feeling of sensation. The moon helps us in generating the emotional stimulation needed to release doubts, fears and illusions. We become exposed to what is; moving away with what we thought could be or should be. Again, a choice is available to us. We can either ignore the impending truth or we can embrace the light and let all the undeserving and dishonoring beliefs go.

Look for the patterns of discomfort to show up and greet you in the path of the moon this month and shake hands with a better understanding or push them off the cliff into an abyss to never be seen again. This Super Moon is known in astrology as the, Flower Moon. We are to take the seed of life we have been fertilizing since the start of spring and allow for its blossoming to break the surface of our skin. This could be a new idea that is ready to be exposed to the public, a project that is to be finished at work and highlighted, a relationship that has been on the verge of break-up or one that is ready for a stronger commitment. Whatever the resistance has been to allow for its fullest fruition now is the time to take a chance and move forward with the flow of decisive behavior.

The incoming moonlight is so bright that our inner soul of expansion can do nothing more than flower in this Flower Moon of May. Attending to the quality of our emotional waters is crucial to the gardens that grow in our interior. Remember that all that we see and explore, with purpose like the Archer, is determined by the balancing and purifying beauty of the Moons reflective emotions. Enjoy this superior splashing and cleansing Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with a determination to awaken and expose our greatness to the surface.

Purity from the inside out
Purity from the inside out Unknown

Purity from the inside out

The heart is the filter to all experiences. What are the obstacles that block you from allowing love to enter fully? Expose and conquer this barrier into the light of the Full Moon, May 24, 2013.

Clarity in sending out our vibrations
Clarity in sending out our vibrations Unknown

Clarity in sending out our vibrations

Our thoughts are the architects of our experience. We hold within us a blueprint to be exposed and lived in a joyful manner. Knowing what to keep and what to expand upon is our goal in this Super Flower Full Moon.

Sagittarius is lighting the fire toward faith
Sagittarius is lighting the fire toward faith Unknown

Sagittarius is lighting the fire toward faith

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, May 24, 2013 is one of a fiery nature as Sagittarius strikes the match and heats up our faithful desires to be recognized.