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Super easy crocheted shamrock

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This shamrock is easy for beginners or those who have only moderate experience with crochet. Unlike other tutorials on the internet, this shamrock is made by producing all the parts separately and sewing them together. This may not be acceptable to some and may go against crocheting etiquette, but it makes it simple without complicated instructions. Another advantage to making the parts separately is that you can make them any size or make modifications in the shape without having to know more than one or two stitches.

The stitches that you need to know to do this project include: Chain stitch, slip stitch, and half-double crochet.

You will also need to know how to create a circle using a half double crochet or double crochet such as in this video.

Click on the photos to see more about supplies and steps to create this project.

When done, be sure to hide or trim any yarn that may hang out from areas where the yarn was trimmed to give it a finished look.

For more examples of how to do a different type of shamrock in one piece instead of separate pieces, check out these tutorials:

Crochet Shamrock Clover

How to Crochet a Shamrock

Yarn, hooks, and other supplies are available at major chain craft stores such as Michael's and Wal Mart. Other specialty yarns can be bought as specialty yarn shops found throughout San Diego County in areas such as Encinitas and Solana Beach among others.

Gather supplies
Gather supplies Darlene Luckins

Gather supplies

First, gather your supplies.  For a shamrock, green yarn should be used.  The yarn should be fairly stiff and not too soft.  You will also need a large-eyed needle such as the child's sewing needle seen in this photo.  Scissors will be helpful to end and start new pieces.  A G sized crochet hook was used, though other sizes may work for this project.

Start by chaining 6
Start by chaining 6 Darlene Luckins

Start by chaining 6

To begin your circle, start by creating a chain of six.  Slip-stitch the last chain into the first chain.  Begin to half-double or double crochet into each of the six chain stitches two times. 

Continue with circle
Continue with circle Darlene Luckins

Continue with circle

Continue around the circle by placing two stitches in each stitch in the previous row using the half-double or double crochet until you get to the desired size.

Sew circles together
Sew circles together Darlene Luckins

Sew circles together

When you have made three circles, fasten them off and cut a new piece of yarn.  Make sure the piece of yarn you cut off is extra long because that is what you are going to make the stem from after you sew the circles together.  Begin sewing each circle together using a simple stitch.  When done, let what is remaining of the piece of yarn hang down.

Create stem
Create stem Darlene Luckins

Create stem

To create the stem, place your hook in the next stitch after the last stitch you sewed together.  Take you extra yarn and chain 8 more stitches.  Turn and half-double crochet back towards the three circles you have just sewn together.  Attach the stem to a stitch on the opposite side of where you started the stem.

Final result, shamrock
Final result, shamrock Darlene Luckins

Final result, shamrock

You should end up with a shamrock that looks similar to these.  Variations can easily be made to these types of shamrocks depending on your expertise.  For example, "indents" can be made in the circles, making them look more like leaves.  This can be achieved by adjusting up or down the stitches.