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Super Bowl 2014: Score with these inexpensive wine cocktails

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Congratulations to those football fans who scored a ticket to the Super Bowl. Snow and arctic cold are in the forecast for the New Jersey area so bundle up. For the other 99.8% of football fans who will be watching on television, either at home or at a Super Bowl party, here are few cocktails to serve while you are watching the game in a nice warm house with people you know, and hopefully like.

These drinks are inexpensive to make because they are made with wine. Don’t worry, the drinks do contain alcohol, but they aren't too strong in case one of your guests decides to sit next to the bowl with a straw. Let’s be honest, no one wants “the drunk” at their party who is spilling beer or drinks all over the other guests.

The ingredients are very easy to find. You can always find a liter of soda on sale around Super Bowl time and you can find an inexpensive bottle of wine any day of the week. The wine and schnapps used can be found at Total Wine and More - Silly Goose Shiraz ($5.99), Sei Amici Lambrusco Bianco ($6.99), and Mr. Stacks Schnapps ($6.99).

Enjoy the game! Salute!

Seahawk Spritzer
Seahawk Spritzer CJ Colbert

Seahawk Spritzer

2 oz. of white Sparkling White Wine (preferably a sweet wine like Lambrusco)

2 oz. of 7-Up (Diet for the weight watchers in the group)

1 oz. of Sour Apple Schnapps

Lime wedge for garnish

Pour the wine, soda, and schnapps with some ice into a martini shaker.  Shake and pour.  Garnish with lime.

Silly Horse
Silly Horse CJ Colbert

Silly Horse

2 oz. of Red Wine (an inexpensive Shiraz, Pinot Noir)

4 oz. of 7-Up (again, Diet for the weight watchers)

1 oz. of Sour Cherry Schnapps

Lime wedge for garnish

Pour the wine, soda, and schnapps with some ice into a martini shaker.  Shake and pour.  Garnish with lime.

Party Punch
Party Punch Libbey Retail Store

Party Punch

If you don't want to spend the entrie game making individual drinks, increase the portions and combine all three ingredients into a punch bowl with ice and slices of lime.  

Seahawk Spritzer:  1 bottle (750 ml) of wine, ¾ Liter of 7-Up, ½ bottle of Schnapps

Silly Horse: 1 bottle (750 ml) of wine, 1 ½ Liter of 7-Up, ½ bottle of Schnapps



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