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Summer camps that combine fun with learning

It's time for summer camp
Photo by Michael Loccisano

Summer is quickly approaching, and summer camp registration is in the thoughts of parents who want to provide great summer fun when the school year is over. "Mom, I'm bored" is a common phrase that will be heard in a lot of homes two or three days after school is over for the summer, and a great summer camp experience can eliminate boredom. Registration is now open for the best summer camps. There will be a variety of schedules for every need. There are half-day camp experiences along with camps that provide an all-day camp experience. There are camps that will offer activities for a week, two weeks, or an entire month.

Camps that offer activities that will help children maintain the skills that were learned during the school year are always a great choice. Children can maintain reading and math skills while having fun at summer camp. Camps with educational experiences offer creative activities that children can participate in without sitting at a desk.

Sarasota offers a wealth of summer camp experiences that combine fun with learning. Check out the camps in the List for some great choices this summer to avoid hearing "Mom, I'm bored!"

Technology skills at summer camp
Technology skills at summer camp Getty photos

Technology skills at summer camp

Summer camp at St. Stephens Episcopal School in Sarasota combines fun with education during the summer months to provide the opportunity for children to maintain skills learned during the school year. Math and writing are part of the camp experiences that will also include using technology to create fun writing projects and math activities. The use of the Microsoft Word processing program is of special interest for the writing activities during this summer camp.

Camp dates at St. Stephens are flexible and continue throughout the entire summer. The summer camp experiences are open to children from kindergarten through 12th grade. There are developmentally appropriate camp experiences for math and writing that are divided by grades.

St. Stephens Episcopal Camp is located at 315 41st Street in the Bradenton area of Sarasota. You may call 941-746-2121 for information about summer camp at St. Stephens.

Out-of-Door Academy for summer
Out-of-Door Academy for summer Google photos

Out-of-Door Academy for summer

The Out-of Door Academy in the Lakewood Ranch area of Sarasota offers summer camp experiences that combine fun with learning. Science is a part of the educational experiences that children can enjoy this summer at the academy. Field trips are also a part of the summer camp experience at the academy. Field trips are coordinated with learning themes to add to the fun and education.

Registration information may be obtained by logging on at, or by calling 941-444-6965.

Summer camp at the Out-of-Door Academy is open to children ages 4-18.

Reading through the summer
Reading through the summer Getty photos

Reading through the summer

The Reading Station Summer Academic Program is a great choice for summer camp fun combined with reading and math skills. Writing skills can also be maintained with a summer camp experience at the Reading Station.

Enrichment activities add interest to basic reading and math skills to keep children motivated in maintaining their reading and math skills that were learned during the school year.

The Reading Station is located at 7131 International Place, Suite 90, in the Lakewood Ranch area of Sarasota. Summer camp information can be obtained by calling 941-361-1173. Both half and full- day camps are available at the Reading Station. Summer camp is open to children in kindergarten through 8th grade.

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