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Substitute cake ideas for Valentine's Day with heart brownies, brownie desserts

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Intro: Looking for cake ideas for Valentine's Day? Why not think about brownie desserts instead? They have the consistency of cake, but have the added bonus of bringing some chocolate decadence to your Valentine dessert recipes. Cut them into heart-shaped brownies or make something delish like brownie pizza as a sweet treat for your love this V-Day.

Need Other Great Valentine's Day Ideas?

Brownies for Valentine's Day? Why Not?

Although there's a lot of merit to looking for cake ideas for Valentine's Day -- heck, I wrote a whole article on some tasty Valentine cupcakes just because I thought they were pretty.

However, Valentine brownies make a lot of sense, too, especially if you're baking for a chocolate lover. The best brownie recipes that I've found really capitalize this catnip for the taste buds.

And some of them, like the heart brownies shown at the top of the screen actually make really easy Valentine's desserts even if they don't look like it.

V-Day dessert recipes also make really excellent Valentine's Day gifts for loved ones, so be thinking of ways that you can put one or more of these yummy ideas into a gift tin or basket. Just add a homemade Valentine's card, and you're set.

They're some of the best brownie recipes I've ever seen. I'm sure you'll enjoy these V-Day desserts as much as I have.

Click through the slide show to get ideas for dessert recipes for Valentine's Day.

Heart-shaped brownies
Heart-shaped brownies HooplaKidzRecipes on YouTube

Heart-shaped brownies

Already searching for Valentine's day gift ideas? Then you'll love heart-shaped brownies. These complement a great gift like the Dove chocolate heart tin, but are also great on their own. Get the recipe for heart brownies by clicking on this link.



Brownie pizza recipe
Brownie pizza recipe NAPSI

Brownie pizza recipe

Brownie recipes from a box can be just as tasty as a homemade dessert if you know how to dress the recipe up a bit; this brownie pizza recipe starts off with a simple boxed chocolate brownie recipe. It combines the mix with some decadent ingredients like cream cheese, almonds and grated dark chocolate for an impressive looking and tasting dessert you can make in under an hour. Get the brownie pizza recipe by clicking on this link.

Oreo fudge brownie
Oreo fudge brownie The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife, Creative Commons

Oreo fudge brownie

These Oreo fudge brownies count among the growing list of recipes I've discovered that start with brownie mix. While I love brownies from scratch, I'm an equal opportunity taster. I'll try any brownie recipe that looks like it might taste scrumptious. Get the Oreo fudge brownie recipe by clicking on this link.

Cream cheese frosted brownies
Cream cheese frosted brownies M.Markus, Creative Commons

Cream cheese frosted brownies

These are brownies made from scratch and topped with some delicious cream cheese icing. You can add chocolate drops, chocolate drizzles or even some raspberry coulis to the frosting to make a great Valentine's Day dessert. Get the recipe for cream cheese frosted brownies by clicking on this link.

Rocky Road brownies
Rocky Road brownies, Creative Commons

Rocky Road brownies

Rocky Road. Chocolate brownies. Together in one dessert. I couldn't believe how delish this was when I tried it. It's like ice cream and brownies together, only it won't melt! Get the recipe for Rocky Road brownies by clicking on this link.