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'Styling' With Emerging Show Host, Philip Taitt

Host Philip Taitt, donning a bright red bowtie.
Host Philip Taitt, donning a bright red bowtie.
Photographer:Tommy Curtis /Brand: Curtis-Vision

When he laughs, he lights up a room and his engaging personality has helped him to carve a niche for himself in today's vacillating world of entertainment with a new web program, "The Phil Taitt Show," and a presence which emanates that of the youthful Ryan Seacrest. Philip Taitt has always sought to uplift his community through easily accessible, inspirational interviews to help others, "shed light on [their] greatness," and has now made this dream a reality, opening featured talks with today's stars and influential figures from behind the scenes. Yet, he always manages to present in style.

Taitt gives a dosage of "urban gentleman" and "classic America" with his everyday look, mirroring that of Michael Kors meets Ralph Lauren. He admits that "I’m definitely a guy that loves to wear a suit and tie but also someone who likes to wear some shorts and a button up and enjoy a Saturday Evening! I would say my look can change from preppy to in between casual." Although rolling out of bed in the morning and figuring out what to wear may be a headache for some, for Taitt, its like breathing. When it comes to classic looks with mixed price-points, he advises that one of "my favorite places to shop is definitely Zara! I think they do a really good job in men’s clothes, especially blazers and [tops]. Topman is another great store that offers a wide array of patterned shirts to print pants and colored blazers! Definitely a great look!"

When asked about his inspiration for style, he admitted, "to be honest I don’t think that I get inspiration from anywhere! I think that I [can] just go into a store, and I purchase what I like. Then I just put something together, and hopefully it turns out nice. My style changes from time to time, its not consistent, which can allow me to want to try new things." Although he can easily fit into one of Bill Cunningham's Sunday photo chronicles he says that, "I'm not a stylist out here now, lol!"

As men's dressing has become a bit convoluted over the years, Philip Taitt offered a few tips for men aiming for a standard look.

-Remember that the way you present yourself really goes a long way!

-You can never go wrong with a black blazer and dark denim jeans.

-A pocket square can change your entire look.

-A white shirt and denim jeans are always an easy look.

- Always dress your best, and feel comfortable while doing so.

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The Phil Taitt Show Team:

PhilipTaitt- Host /Kareem Cooper- Producer/ Darren Harper - Director/ Marciano Prover- Floor Manager

Business Casual
Business Casual Photography

Business Casual

When rocking a suit without a tie, you can always opt for a handkerchief like Philip in this dark blue suit and yellow "pocket square."

Suits & Bowties
Suits & Bowties Photographer :Tommy Curtis / Brand:Curtis-Vision

Suits & Bowties

Few men go for bowties when adding to their tailored look, but this can always make for a great accessory. The dark red tie was a great addition to Taitt's tailored look.

Relaxed Everyday Wear
Relaxed Everyday Wear Charismatic Photography

Relaxed Everyday Wear

Taitt makes dressing look easy with dark blue jeans and Cognac colored, Oxford shoes. The pale pink button-up with a cloth Newsboy cap adds a great touch.

On The Set With Philip Taitt
On The Set With Philip Taitt The Phil Taitt Show

On The Set With Philip Taitt

Show host Philip Taitt, dons floral printed pants, paired nicely with a royal blue blazer, alongside Silent BX, founder of industry insider and curator of website, TrueExclusives.