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Students’ first steps in obtaining business experience: Field Trips

Field trips are inclusive in that no child is left behind in opportunity.
Field trips are inclusive in that no child is left behind in opportunity.

The Palm Beach County School District is always on top of its game with a progressive and intensified academic curriculum, vocational and technical applications through career and choice programs all tempered with a careful blend of experiences supplied through opportunities such as field trips.

The goal of the Indian Ridge School Career Mentoring program is to help students learn about and participate in different aspects of a business to see if it would be something they would be interested in for their future. The students have made field trips to businesses or organizations in the area such as banks, supermarkets, hospitals, non-profits, pharmacies, etc. Field trips are inclusive as all students regardless of ethnic or economical backgrounds enjoys and benefits from theses opportunities which was a key componenet in President George W. Bush's NCLB educational program that ensures that we must not let any child be left behind.

(See list below of local businesses that have recently helped to mentor students through field trip experiences in PBC).

Interesting info on field trips for students of other countries around the world:

A field trip or excursion, known as school trip in the UK, New Zealand, Philippines and school tour in Ireland, is a journey by a group of people to a place away from their normal environment. The purpose of the trip is usually observation for education, non-experimental research or to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities, such as going camping with teachers and their classmates.

The aim of this research is to observe the subject in its natural state and possibly collect samples. In western culture people first come across this method during school years when classes are taken on school trips to visit a geological or geographical feature of the landscape, for example. Much of the early research into the natural sciences was of this form. Charles Darwin is an important example of someone who has contributed to science through the use of field trips. It is generally for students in grades K-12 and college. Field trips are generally domestic, but for high school students, it becomes international.

REF: SDPBC (Press Release) Public Affairs Office, April 2014

School field trips adds zest and gusto
School field trips adds zest and gusto Photobucket

School field trips adds zest and gusto

VA Hospital - Five students accompanied Ms. Stacey and Ms. Kelli to the Veterans Hospital in West Palm Beach. They picked a career choice and worked one-on-one with a mentor throughout the day. Lunch and certificates were provided.

TD Bank - Two students accompanied Ms. Stacey to TD Bank in Boca Raton. The Vice President of the bank spoke with the students about banking and the different positions available. He also gave the students a tour of the bank and showed them the inner workings of all the departments. They even got to go into high security areas. They enjoyed lunch with the Vice President as well.

Field trips encompasses all disciplines
Field trips encompasses all disciplines Photobucket

Field trips encompasses all disciplines

Indian Ridge-Locks of LoveLocks of Love - Eleven students along with Ms. Stacey, Mr. Gamez, Mr. Eyler, Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Andrews volunteered their morning at Locks of Love opening mail, entering data and separating donated hair to help children who suffer loss of hair due to alopecia or cancer. People from all over the globe donate hair to this organization so children can benefit from custom-made, vacuum-fitted hairpieces.

CVS - Four students enjoyed a career mentoring day at CVS in West Palm Beach. Students did a scavenger hunt which helped them learn where items were in the store; they shelved and organized products. They even worked on a Thanksgiving display in one of the aisles…they did a great job. They learned about different positions available at CVS and also “checked” customers out.

Inclusiveness is key with field trips
Inclusiveness is key with field trips Photobucket

Inclusiveness is key with field trips

Hugs & Kisses is a not-for-profit organization that raises funds through their trademarked button bracelets that are handcrafted by volunteers. The monies earned provide financial aid to cancer patients in need. Special Diploma students and Mrs. Morton’s class helped in this process by separating tons and tons AND tons of buttons by color, size, etc. on a daily basis during their life skills class. They are working hard and doing a phenomenal job.

Publix - High School Special Diploma students and Mrs. Morton’s class enjoyed a career mentoring day at Publix in Boynton Beach. Students toured all departments in Publix and learned how to scan groceries. They even decorated their own cookies. Lunch was provided in addition to goody bags.