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St. Patrick's Day specials for WoT

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WarGaming is offering some festive deals over this St. Patrick's Day weekend for "World of Tanks" players. The deals range from discounts on vehicles and equipment to new objectives with nice rewards. The specials started on the 14th but you still have time left to take advantage of them. The deals will end on Tuesday the 18th.

Take a look at the slideshow to learn more about the WoT St. Patrick's Day specials.

Vehicle Discounts
Vehicle Discounts WarGaming

Vehicle Discounts

Celebrate this St. Patrick's Day with "World of Tanks" deals.  Get a 15% Credit discount on all regular tier VIII vehicles and a 15% Gold discount on all premium tier VIII vehicles.

Crew discounts
Crew discounts WarGaming

Crew discounts

This St. Patty's log into WoT and get great discounts.  Available for a limited time is a x3 Crew XP multiplier and 50% off crew skill resets with both gold and credit.

additional discounts
additional discounts WarGaming

additional discounts

There's more savings to be had this holiday.  Additional discounts include:

-50% off gold used to buy garage

-Discounted premium accounts.  3 days for 350/7 days for 680

-25% off credits used to buy equipment

Let's Feast
Let's Feast WarGaming

Let's Feast

New missions and objectives are available for the holiday.  Let's Feast!  will earn you a 350,000 reward for winning 25 battles in any tier VIII vehicle and finishing in the top 10 XP earners on your team.

Let them have it
Let them have it WarGaming

Let them have it

Let them have it! will get you 50,000 for destroying at least two enemy tier VIII vehicles in a single battle and surviving.  You can reap the benefits of achieving this objective over and over again.

luck of the irish
luck of the irish WarGaming

luck of the irish

May the luck of the Irish be with you! gives WoT players +20% XP bonus for earning a Top Gun medal.  You'll have to be in a tier IV vehicle or higher but it is repeatable.  Head to the WoT website for more info.


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