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Spruce up your cake with a D.I.Y. mini cake topper or banner

DIY cake toppers and banners

What is the quickest way to take a simple cake from zero to wow almost immediately? Add a cake banner! Cake banners are so cute and whimsical and can be customized to fit any theme you may have in mind. A basic cake banner is really simple to make and consists of colored paper (card stock), string and lollipop sticks. You can stick with the standard triangle that makes it look like bunting or you can get creative and use letters, flags, mini tassels, circles, hearts...whatever comes to mind and works for you! Once you decide what style you want all you need to do is cut, hot glue your creations or tie them on to the string, attach to the lollipop sticks and viola! Instant cake banner!

Ready to try your own out for your next party? Click through the list and you'll find specific instructions on how to make several cake banners and once you have the basics down, get creative!

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Circular mini cake topper (banner)
Circular mini cake topper (banner)

Circular mini cake topper (banner)

Circular mini cake topper (banner)

What you need:

Scrapbook paper (in any colors that you’d like)

Small letter stickers (or pre-lettered scrapbook circles)

Measuring spoons

Needle and thread

A pencil

Two straws


Double-sided tape or glue


Step 1: Using the ¼ teaspoon measuring spoon as a guide, trace circles on the back sides of the scrapbook paper that you’ve chosen. You’ll need one circle for each letter that you’ll be using. If you’d like decorative circles on the ends, cut two extra. Repeat with the ½ teaspoon, making the same amount of circles. If you aren’t using the pre-lettered scrapbook circles, place your letter stickers in the center of the small circles.

Step 2: Use double-sided tape or dots of glue to adhere the small circles to the large circles.

Step 3: Next, thread the needle, then feed it through the first straw near the top.

Step 4: Poke the needle through the front of the first circle, on the left side. Pull the thread through to the back, then poke the needle through the back of the right side. Continue until all of the circles have been strung.

Step 5: Thread the needle through the second straw. Center the circles between the straws, allowing enough slack for them to drape a little bit, then cut the thread and tie the ends off on both sides.

Step 6: Insert the straws into the cake, being sure to push them far enough down that they will stand securely. If necessary, insert the straws at an outward angle to accommodate longer words.

That’s all there is to it!

Triangular mini cake topper (banner)
Triangular mini cake topper (banner)

Triangular mini cake topper (banner)

Triangular mini cake topper (banner)


scrapbook paper
rick rack or baker's twine
Elmer's glue or glue stick
letter stickers
2 paper straws

First create a diamond shape that is the size that you would like the mini bunting to be, the diamonds will be folded in half to make triangles.

Cut out one diamond and use it as a stencil to cut out how many you will need.

Once you have all the diamonds cut out you can fold each one in half with the rick-rack in between. This is also a great thing to use bakers twine for, but I didn't have any at the time.

Use Elmer's glue or a glue stick to glue the diamonds together over the rick-rack and space them evenly.

Then add your stickers to the triangles to spell a name or message or leave them blank.

Tie the rick-rack to the tops of the paper straws and place in the cake!

Letter cake topper (banner)
Letter cake topper (banner)

Letter cake topper (banner)

Letter cake topper (banner)


2 – 6 inch wooden skewers
bakers twine
Gold glittered chipboard letters
Adhesive glue dots


Choose the letters you want to use and lay them face down.
Measure and cut your bakers twine so there is enough length to display the letters and to tie onto each skewer.
Place a small adhesive dot on the back and top of each letter, and attach the bakers twine to it. Press down to make sure it’s secure.
Tie the ends to each skewer and insert it into the top of the cake.

Heart cake topper (banner)
Heart cake topper (banner)

Heart cake topper (banner)

Heart cake topper (banner)

Trace and cut out hearts in whatever size you like.

Use an embroidery needle and twine to make the holes in the heart and thread them through. If you have a small hole puncher that would work just as well too.

Knot each end of the banner to bamboo skewers and place in cake.

Mother's Day cake topper (banner)
Mother's Day cake topper (banner)

Mother's Day cake topper (banner)

Mother's Day cake topper (banner)

Download your free printable HERE

2. Print and cut out the banner

3. Attach to a string with 2 long wooden skewers.

4. Fold each flag in half and glue over string, insert into cake and you are done!

You can use this mini banner on just about anything . . . wrapped around a vase of flowers, for gift wrapping or anything else your crafty brain can think of! I hope all you lovely ladies have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Mini tassel cake topper (banner)
Mini tassel cake topper (banner)

Mini tassel cake topper (banner)

Mini tassel cake topper (banner)


tissue paper in your favorite colors
gold or silver mylar sheets (aka. metallic tissue sheets)
Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors
regular scissors
Tacky glue
twine or embroidery thread
1/4″ balsa dowel or the like

Cut at least 18″ of twine or embroidery thread to hold your tassels. I am working with gold embroidery thread and once cut the ends need to be tied right away, otherwise they will fray.

To evenly space each of your tassels, mark 1″ increments on a piece of scrap paper.

Now the fun part!!! Using your MSC fringe scissors carefully cut one piece of tissue paper three times in a row and then cut the top of the fringe with a regular pair of scissors.

Gather all the mini-strips of tissue together as compact as you can and then twist the strips together two times. CRAFTERS TIP // twisting the fringe two times is VERY important – once glued they will all stay together – one twist is not enough!!!

Apply a tiny dab of glue to the center of the twist and then fold the tassel over your twine or embroidery thread.

Pinch the tassel with a clothespin to help hold it all together while drying.

Onto the next one… same steps… cut the tissue with the fringe scissors three times, gather the strips together, twist two times, glue and fold!

Using your 1″ markings make sure that your tassels are evenly placed.

Repeat the steps for all your colors of tissue paper…

Let the glue dry for at least an hour. Be careful when you remove the clothespins, sometimes they can stick a little to the paper. If any strips come off add a tiny bit more glue and let dry…

There you have it! A darling, miniature tissue tassel garland!

Cut two 12″ pieces of dowel and sand the edges nicely with a nail buffer.

Wrap the twine or embroidery thread around the dowel three times and then tie two knots.

I did mine about 2″ from the first tassel. Cut the ends of your twine or thread if you’d like.

Carefully place the dowels into your cake at least 4″ deep.

Cake toppers made with washi tape
Cake toppers made with washi tape

Cake toppers made with washi tape


Washi tape

Baker’s twine or string

Skewers, dowels or straws

Simply wrap the tape around your piece of twine in the desired colors of your choice. You can either leave it raw like this for a fun look, or trim it with scissors into triangle shapes.

Attach the twine to your dowels and insert into your cake – so simple, but really gives your cake a little special touch!

Washi tape flag banner
Washi tape flag banner

Washi tape flag banner

Washi tape flag banner

Washi tape

dowels, skewers or straws

craft paint (non toxic)

To create individual flags all you need to do is follow the tutorial on the previous page on how to cut washi tape but instead of stringing it make individual flags. If you use regular wooden colored dowels or skewers paint them to match your color schemes.

Korker cake banner
Korker cake banner

Korker cake banner

Korker cake banner

grosgrain ribbon in any width (I used 1/8" and 1/4", 1 spool of each color)

dowels (1/4" work best, buy these at craft or hardware stores)
wooden clothespins
cookie sheet
spray starch (optional)
embroidery floss or string
straws or chopsticks
hot glue or other adhesive
frosted cake

The first thing we're going to do is curl the ribbon to look like korkers. Korker bows are those adorable hair bows with curly-cue ribbons:

Preheat your oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Check to see if your dowels will fit in your oven. If not, cut the dowels to the right size.

Take one end of ribbon and wrap it around a dowel a couple of times. Then secure it to the end with a clothespin.

Start wrapping the ribbon somewhat loosely, then push it upwards to get as much ribbon on the dowel as possible without overlapping the ribbon.

Keeping wrapping and pushing together until you get to the end of the dowel, then use another clothespin to hold it on. Repeat with as many ribbons as you want.

To help the ribbon keep its korker shape, spray with some spray starch (optional). Then place the dowels on top of a cookie sheet and bake in your preheated oven for 25 minutes.

Take the cookie sheet out of oven and let ribbon cool on the dowels, then spray with more spray starch. When they are cool and dry, start unwrapping carefully so as not to tangle or otherwise mess up the cute korker shape of the ribbon. I twist it in the opposite direction to loosen and take it off the dowel little by little.

Now you want to pass a flame quickly over the ends of each korker to seal and prevent fraying. My ribbons turned out to be all different lengths since my dowels were different lengths but I like the look of it.

Lay all the ribbons out on a flat surface. Slide a piece of string or embroidery floss underneath one side, making sure to catch all the ends of your ribbons. Then tie a knot on one side. (I found it worked better to just tie one side of the ribbons, then start attaching it to the cake, then tie the other side.) Don't cut the string.

Now put your straws or chopsticks into the cake at whatever angle you want...just be sure they're in the cake deep enough to support the weight of the ribbons (trust me, you'll know when you start attaching the ribbons if they need to go deeper).

So that the string doesn't slide right down the straw, put a dollop of hot glue at the top of each straw. I let it dry and used the dollop just for the knot to rest on, but you could just glue the knot right on there to really secure it to the straw. Attach the first side of ribbons to one straw and try to keep the other end of the ribbons away from your yummy frosting.

Once the first side is on the cake, you'll be able to tell where the other knot will need to be. On my first attempt, I tied both knots ahead of time and ended up cutting one out and re-doing it once the first side was on the cake.

Now tie the other ends of ribbon with your string and attach it to the second straw. Trim (and heat seal) ribbons again if necessary. Ta-da!

Cake banner with fringe
Cake banner with fringe

Cake banner with fringe

Cake banner with fringe


mylar fringe



sihouette machine or exacto knife

hot glue

Cut out the cardstock in the style of a banner. If you happen to have a silhouette machine to cut out the letters, perfect! If not use an Exacto knife to cut out what you want the banner to say.

Attach the fringe to the back.

Hot glue the banner to the straws.

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