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Spring Fling an ideal choice

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What's a "Spring Fling?" Its not a Spring romance or tryst; its not jumping around in a pasture filled with Spring grasses, It's not even flinging your old springs into the trash. The "Spring Fling" takes place in Amador Wine Country with nine participating wineries welcoming the public from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday April 26, 2014.

The event is organized with a passport bonus that encourages visitors to gets stamps from five of the nine wineries in order to enter a drawing to win two tickets to the Barbera Festival on June 14, 2014 which is sold out every year due to its popularity. There is no charge to join in the Spring Fling and most wineries will be offering event day discounts on wine purchases.

"Lite bites" will also be made available and include BellaGrace's delicious vegetarian black bean and corn salad paired with their Spring release wines. BellaGrace also has 30 souvenir glasses available for purchase for those who come early and take advantage of the offer. The Steiner wineries provide glasses for tasting but they are not take-home souvenirs.

The participating wineries can be contacted for further information and include Amador Foothill (209) 245-6307, BellaGrace (209) 267-8053, Charles Spinetta (209) 245-3384, Deaver (209) 245-4099, Dillian (209) 245-3444, Dobra Zemlja (209) 245-3183, Driven (209) 245-4545, Renwood (209) 245-6979 and Shenandoah (209) 245-4455. The Amador Vintner's Association can also be contacted for further information about Spring Fling and a variety of other upcoming Amador wine events.

The Steiner Road Spring Fling has been highly favored by wine enthusiasts and lovers of Amador County. The event is complimentary and offers visitors a chances to experience what the Steiner wineries are best known for. Visitors are encouraged to explore their senses and test the flavor of the wine before and after a bite of food to discover how food as well as mood can change your experience of the wine. The idea is to try something new and challenge your perceptions of what you like and experience in various wines. Perhaps yesterday you favored Barbera but today you might take a sudden liking to Zin or Merlot or even a Riesling.

The Steiner Road Spring Fling event truly graciously welcomes visitors. Friendly staff are always at hand and have been repeatedly noted for happily sharing their love and knowledge of the wine and wine making processes. The event is also an opportunity to enjoy the Amador personalities, have a fun day with friends, learn something new about wine and the history of Amador County wines. Love and joy for what you do transmits to a positive atmosphere. Even if you are a designated driver, you can enjoy the people, information, views, little bites, and the friends you bring.

The Four Ds
The Four Ds Susan Raines

The Four Ds

Dillian, Deaver, Driven and Dobra Zemlja are all wineries located on Steiner Road that will be participating in the annual Spring Fling. While you might get tongue tied trying to say all the D names quickly, visitors won't be tongue tied becoming acquainted with their Spring offerings. Each winery is known for their particular wines and visitors can enjoy the Spring atmosphere while getting to know the D families on Steiner Road.

Renwood Susan Raines


Renwood plans to include live music by John Pless. Visitors can also count on their Old Vine Zinfandel to sooth their senses and provide a depth of flavor. Renwood's tasting room is classy and their outdoor patio has comfy chairs and tables that allow visitors to relax and chat. Their parking lot is backed by the wine making warehouse seen in the photograph.

Gorgeous landscapes
Gorgeous landscapes Susan Raines

Gorgeous landscapes

Amador wine country is beautiful. Grape vines, oak trees, hills, vistas and more make the drive enchanting and a wonderful opportunity to get some great photographs. The nine Steiner Road wineries all have unique charms that are a feast for the eyes and the camera buff. Wine isn't the only thing people savor during these events!

BellaGrace Susan Raines


One of the highly favored Amador wine tour destinations is BellaGrace and the cave. During the precarious weather of the recent 2014 Behind the Cellar Door event, BellaGrace put up some outdoor protective tenting to ensure their visitors were dry and happy. On nice days, tables and chairs with large umbrellas usually beckon visitors to the outdoor tasting destination. During standard  non-event days, visitors can stop in at the BellaGrace tasting room in Sutter Creek. Test the BellaGrace staff and ask them a few questions. They are known for their love of the wine craft.

Sitting with a view
Sitting with a view Susan Raines

Sitting with a view

All of the Steiner Road wineries have some great views and attractive grounds. Many have picnic tables or other seating outdoors so that the Spring Fling fresh air can enhance their senses.

Steiner Road is off of Shenandoah Road in Plymouth. The Steiner route is short but visitors will want to allow ample time to visit each of the wineries without rushing. The event runs from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. April 26, 2014. You can start on either end of Steiner because it loops back to Shenandoah on both ends. Please be a courteous driver, indulge the senses but drink sensibly, be polite to the staff (many of them are volunteers) and join the many others who have a grand time doing the Spring Fling each year!