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Spring cleaning is easier with these products

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As the daffodils and tulips bloom and the days get warmer, families are ready to enjoy the Spring days. Since the house has shut tight during the long, cold winter, it is time start cleaning. The ritual of Spring Cleaning helps the house and family feel lighter and fresher.

While families understand that the cleaning is necessary, no one wants to spend hours or days missing out on the beautiful outdoors. These products can help streamline the cleaning process. In a short period of time, the house will be sparkling and a cool beverage will be waiting on the outdoor patio.

HAAN VersaPro

HAAN VersaPro

HAAN VersaPro BS20

HAAN is the steam cleaning expert. With a wide array of devices, busy families can clean floors, carpets and bathrooms, quickly, efficiently and without the use of any chemicals. Since many families would prefer a device with multiple uses, the HAAN VersaPro BS20 is perfect for the busy family. This device uses Turbo Steam Technology to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and dust mites for a healthy home. Since it uses the power of steam, the cleaning is 100% chemical free. The end result is that the house smells fresh, instead of a bouquet of chemicals. From messy bathroom floors to kitchen disasters, the HAAN VersaPro BS20 gets everything sparkling clean.

Bagup, the ultimate cleanup tool
Bagup, the ultimate cleanup tool Cristine Struble

Bagup, the ultimate cleanup tool

Bagup, The ultimate clean-up tool

Sweeping the garage can be a laborious task. From sweeping up the dirt to bending down for the dustpan, it is a workout that just hurts your back. Plus, there is always that little extra dirt left behind when the dustpan is moved. Bagup, the ultimate clean-up tool solves the broom/dustpan dilemma.  This combination broom/Bag-up tool allows the user to quickly and easily sweep debris into the Bagup and dispose of it. Using grocery bags, this simple device eliminates the bending and makes clean-up quick and easy. Bagup comes in several options for both indoor and outdoor use. It is available at hardware stores and Amazon.

Brillo with Estracell
Brillo with Estracell Cristine Struble

Brillo with Estracell

Brillo Estracell sponges

Why is it that kids get toothpaste stuck in a crevice? How can  dirt and grime stuck in the tiniest, most difficult to clean places? The Brillo Estracell No Scratch Scrub Sponge with Wedge Edge can reach into those difficult corners and crevices. With just a little elbow grease, the dirt can be wiped away. More importantly, the Brillo Estracell sponges have been independently proven to show that bacteria will not feed and survive on the Estracell material. The unique cell structure rinses cleaner and dries out faster, which eliminates a breeding ground for bacteria. After all, families want to clean the house, not infect it. Brillo Estracell sponges are available in a variety of types and can be purchased at most mass merchants.