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Spring cleaning: Covet-worthy cleansers for all skin types

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This season, rely on Murad’s best-selling and top-performing cleansers to achieve clean, beautiful and radiant skin.

With spring in full swing, it’s time to do some “spring cleaning” to your skincare by renewing your regimen with the perfect and most covet-worthy facial products to cleanse, revitalize and restore skin for complexion perfection. Start with a fabulous facial cleanser — the first and fundamental skincare product which will clean and prep skin towards a fresh and healthy glow.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a hybrid helper that will optimally cleanse your combination skin that’s both oily and dry or combat acne and aging all at once — or simply in search of a wonderful cleanser that will refresh normal skin, address aging, tame redness, repair uneven skin tone or renew texture — look to Murad to target and treat your every concern with one of their covet-worthy and cutting-edge cleansers that will clean, refresh, balance, and soothe skin for a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Experience the ultimate “spring cleaning” with the following must-have Murad cleansers that work wonders for a variety of skin types and concerns — and be sure to visit to shop for these covet-worthy cleansers and see the entire product range.

Refreshing Cleanser
Refreshing Cleanser Gabriela C.

Refreshing Cleanser

Refreshing Cleanser ($32, 6.75 FL. OZ.)
- this fabulous frothy cleanser is a wonderful daily facial wash for a variety of skin types thanks to its gentle-yet-effective cleansing that’s both soothing and refreshing. Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser luxuriously lathers up to a wonderful foamy finish that caresses the complexion while deeply cleaning the skin, washing away makeup and purging impurities to reveal a fresh and smooth surface. What’s more, this cleanser is packed with cucumber extract that soothes and revitalizes skin while Hawaiian white ginger and algae extracts soften skin. This silky and sudsy standout makes a great daily cleanser for both A.M. and P.M. — it refreshes and renews skin in the morning while gently yet powerfully removing makeup and impurities at night — even the toughest waterproof mascara doesn’t stand a chance because this cleanser thoroughly cleans the skin. Overall, Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser is a covet-worthy cleanser that’s light and lathery, gentle yet effective and refreshingly soothing, leaving skin comfortably clean, smooth and perfectly hydrated.

Time Release Acne Cleanser
Time Release Acne Cleanser Gabriela C.

Time Release Acne Cleanser

Time Release Acne Cleanser ($30, 6.75 FL. OZ.)
- this mighty cleanser works itself to a creamy lather to gently wash away impurities while zapping acne with salicylic acid and defying aging with amino and hyaluronic acids. Murad’s Time Release Acne Cleanser is a hybrid cleanser that works double-duty to minimize both acne and aging at once, helping to restore skin to a radiantly clear and youthful appearance. This pimple-zapping cleanser and fine-line fighter feels very refreshing as it gently cleanses the complexion without overly-drying or tightening the skin. It contains Murad’s innovative anti-acne treatment technology with a time-release action that gently but effectively treats acne throughout the day even hours after you’ve rinsed it off. Plus, it’s packed with amino and hyaluronic acids to hydrate skin and prevent fine lines from forming while sesame seed and fruit extracts keep oil production in check. The skin-sational result is a perfectly balanced complexion that’s clear, smooth, revitalized and radiant. Overall, Murad’s Time Release Acne Cleanser is a must-have miracle-worker for those suffering with skin that likes to play “Jekyll & Hyde,” breaking out one moment while also showing signs of aging — and it’s all made possible with one easy step so you can say goodbye to pesky pimples and farewell to fine lines thanks to its dual-purpose power.

Renewing Cleansing Cream
Renewing Cleansing Cream Gabriela C.

Renewing Cleansing Cream

Renewing Cleansing Cream ($36, 6.75 FL. OZ.)
- this ultra-nourishing and creamy cleansing concoction does-it-all — it gently cleans, polishes and softens skin while perfectly balancing it with much-needed hydration, all without irritating the complexion. Murad’s Cleansing Cream is a skin-soothing cleanser that works into a pearlescent and velvety texture that smoothly swipes your face, giving you a supreme clean while leaving your skin heavenly hydrated and polished to perfection. It’s packed with good-for-your skin and pleasant-smelling ingredients including papaya enzyme and algae extract that gently polish and soften skin, apricot and starflower oils that nourish skin and improve elasticity, and essential fatty acids which strengthen and restore the complexion. This creamy cleanser feels rich and amazing — it cleans, polishes and nourishes skin all at once while raising your spirits thanks to its delicate scent that’s uplifting. Overall, Murad’s Renewing Cleansing Cream is a washing wonder that’s perfect for those experiencing dryness, imbalanced skin, hormonal aging or those with sensitive skin, it cleans, exfoliates and hydrates to renew, restore and reveal a more youthful and glowing complexion.

Essential-C Cleanser
Essential-C Cleanser Gabriela C.

Essential-C Cleanser

Essential-C Cleanser ($36, 6.75 FL. OZ.)
- bring a burst of sunshine to your skin with this refreshing, brightening and hydrating sensation aimed to fight free radicals and soothe environmentally stressed skin. Murad’s Essential-C Cleanser is a daily energizing cleanser that effortlessly lathers up to clean and refresh skin while thoroughly yet delicately removing makeup and impurities and maintaining skin’s natural moisture balance. This cleanser is powered by Vitamins A, C & E to fight free radicals, phospholipids that seal in moisture, and allantoin and panthenol which soothe skin. Plus, it’s filled with mandarin orange, basil and grapefruit which smell of fresh citrus that give it an uplifting and pleasant aroma. There’s no better way to start off the morning or begin the spring season than with this feel-good and fabulous cleanser that works wonderfully and smells amazing — it will clean, nourish and soothe your skin while giving you a burst of energy. Overall, Murad’s Essential-C Cleanser is a remarkable energizing cleanser that’s washes the face with a gentle yet feel-good sensation while ridding skin of impurities and imparting it with a nicely nourished foundation that’s silky smooth and protected to reveal a healthy, gorgeous glow!

Soothing Gel Cleanser
Soothing Gel Cleanser Gabriela C.

Soothing Gel Cleanser

Soothing Gel Cleanser ($27, 6.75 FL. OZ.)
- combat irritation and crimson concerns with this comforting cleanser aimed at gently washing away impurities while neutralizing redness and balancing skin. Murad’s Soothing Gel Cleanser is a refreshing facial wash that gently cleanses and calms the complexion, helping to soothe irritation, reduce redness, and fight inflammation while softening and balancing the skin. It works like a soothing gel that thoroughly cleanses skin and tightens pores while providing an instant comforting and cooling sensation that calms irritation and neutralizes redness. The Soothing Gel Cleanser contains goji berry and peppermint leaf extracts that soothe skin and fight inflammation, moisture-enriched beads that soften and nourish skin, and pomegranate extract antioxidants which pacify and fortify skin. Let red be a thing of the past, as this gentle cleanser works its magic using fruit & herb extracts, antioxidants and hydrating beads to calm your skin and relieve it from redness and stinging or any uncomfortable tightness without stripping it from its much-needed moisture. Overall, Murad’s Soothing Gel Cleanser is a soothing sensation that makes your skin feel fresh, comfortable and balanced — it’s perfect for sensitive skin as well as those suffering from dry flaky patches, annoying tightness and unruly inflammation associated with acne or rosacea.

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser Gabriela C.

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser ($36, 6.75 FL. OZ.)
- this gentle scrubbing cleanser works wonders to deeply clean and exfoliate the complexion, it refreshes skin while removing dead cell buildup and smoothens the texture. Murad’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is creamy confection containing tiny exfoliating beads that gently glide on skin polishing away dullness and impurities without causing any redness or irritation — all while imparting the complexion with a smooth and youthful glow. This revolutionary refining cleanser features a gentle yet triple-threat trio of exfoliating beads including salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids that mildly scrub skin to improve cell-turnover and remove dead skin cell buildup. Plus, smoothening jojoba beads further help perfectly polish and smooth skin, resulting in soft, healthy skin that gorgeously glows. This cleanser is an essential for all beauty enthusiasts obsessed with young, radiant skin and those seeking to regularly give skin a good, deep cleaning at-home for smooth skin and healthy tone and texture. Overall, Murad’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is a covet-worthy cleanser to add at least twice weekly to your beauty routine to polish the complexion to perfection, for a freshly smooth and radiant appearance.