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Some of the best theaters in Houston

Station Theater
Station Theater
Photo courtesy of Station Theater, used with permission

In and around Houston, there are more than a handful of off the beaten path theaters that many patrons might have missed. The Hobby Center and Alley Theatre have not cornered the theater market in Houston, there are many quality theaters that you might want to check in on either before the seasons close or for their 2014-2015 seasons.

Be sure to stay tuned, these are only five of the best theaters I have had the pleasure to attend productions, but more will be featured soon. Be sure to check back for other local venues who didn't make the list this time around. Each theater is unique in its own way and has qualities that make it the best of the best. Click through each image in the list and see what wonderful productions you might be missing out on and be sure to visit each of their sites for more information about current and upcoming productions.

Houston is made great by the people who continue to strive to find and create the best theatrical experiences possible. Quality theater doesn't have to be out of reach, although it just might have missed your grasp. Each of these theaters have performances that cater to offering productions everyone can afford with specials such as "pay what you can" or student rates (be sure to check theater specifications to see which theaters participate in these discounts and on what nights). Find the theater that is right for you and get connected. Theater is still alive and thriving in the Houston area.

Station Theater
Station Theater Photo courtesy of Station Theater, used with permission

Station Theater

Station Theater first opened its doors on April 26, 2013, almost a year ago today. It is a first of it's kind in Houston a conservatory and stage dedicated to longform improv and comedy. The venue will host Station Theater’s "Trill Comedy Festival" coming May 23-25 with not only improv, but sketch and stand up comedy as well.

I have had the pleasure to see a Thursday and Saturday night performances, both amazing and filled with laughs. Each night has very different premises and will keep you wanting more. The theater also offers classes for improv, with classes at five different levels.

The theater has performances all weekend long, Thursday through Saturday night and they are designed to fit your budget. Also, every Friday at 7:30 pm, the theater offers a “FREE Intro to Improv Class”. Stay connected by liking them on Facebook or following them on Twitter (@stationtheater) and don't miss a chance to get your weekly laughs.

Theater LaB Houston
Theater LaB Houston Photo courtesy of Theater LaB Houston, used with permission

Theater LaB Houston

Theater LaB Houston presents their productions at the Obsidian Art Space, which is a smaller more intimate 75 seat venue. One of the first things you see when you visit their site is they are "Houston's Premiere Off-Broadway Theater". Audiences can expect to see modern and gritty productions in a space that draws them in.

Currently, "Cock" is on stage playing through May 11th. This is a thought provoking, one of a kind play that will have audiences talking long after the "curtains" have fallen. Be sure to read my review.

For additional information, be sure to visit their site. For ticket information about the current show, call the box office at 713-868-7516. Connect with them socially on Facebook so that you can be sure to never miss another show.

Main Street Theater
Main Street Theater Photo courtesy of Main Street Theater, used with permission

Main Street Theater

Main Street Theater has been a local tradition since the 1970s. Reading about the rich history of the theater and the exciting new changes that are coming, the theater was created for two reasons: to offer a "more varied and challenging selection of plays and musicals" and to provide "training, employment and exposure for our city's professional theater artists".

Over the many years and seasons, this theater has continued to prove that it not only has staying power but the ability to grow and adapt to the changing times. In February of this year, the theater announced major renovations for their primary production location and is running a campaign for donations. For information, please follow the link to find out how to can be a part of these exciting changes and renovations.

This season, like the many successful ones before, included many noteworthy productions. Some of the shows that have been preformed this year are "Into the Woods", "Macbeth", "Time Stands Still" just to name a few. Other exciting productions are still upcoming like "Heartbreak Hotel" which opens May 8th or "Fallen Angels" which opens in July.

This theater is continuing to leave a mark on the Houston community and continues to grow each year. Be sure to be a part of it and stay connected by liking them on Facebook or join the mailing list to get all your updates right in your inbox.

Stages Repertory Theatre - Houston
Stages Repertory Theatre - Houston Photo courtesy of Stages Repertory Theatre , used with permission

Stages Repertory Theatre - Houston

Stages Repertory Theatre - Houston has gained nation recognition in it's 36 years. Since it's creation in 1978, it has performed cutting edge and gripping theater productions.

Stages also prides itself on the education and community outreach programs it offers. Not only does the theater offer audiences the chance to see moving, innovate theater but also they provide opportunities for the community to be involved.

The current season has included shows such as "Veronica's Room" and "Gidion's Knot". "The Whipping Man" is set to open on April 30th and run until May 25th and finally "XANADU" will close out the season running from May 21-June 29.

For additional information be sure to visit their site or connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter or see images from past productions on their Flickr account.

Black Lab Theatre
Black Lab Theatre Photo courtesy of Black Lab Theatre, used with permission

Black Lab Theatre

Black Lab Theatre is a thriving, on the edge of new and modern plays in Houston. The theatre does not have a set venue yet and rents venues around Houston to perform their top quality productions. As stated on their site, their focus is on bringing "newer, socially conscious dramatic shows to audiences in fresh and innovative ways".

The featured photo graph is from their current show "Really Really" which will be the close of their current season. This is the exact type of play one would expect from this theater, hard hitting, gripping and dramatic. On April 25, 2014, the theatre has a special treat the playwright of the show Paul Downs Colaizzo will be in attendance for a discussion after the night's performance. Before heading out to the show be sure to check out my review as well: 'Really Really': A hard hitting look at 'generation me'

For ticket information for "Really Really", be sure visit their site, by phone at 713-515-4028 or at the door. Also be sure to connect with them socially on Facebook or Twitter. Although this season is coming to close, be sure to stay connected and see what they have coming in the 2014-2015 season.