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Social media facts and stats 2014

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Social media will remain a dominant force in communications and continue to reach new heights beyond the stratosphere. A new infographic published by Monday explains the current stats and facts for social media networking in 2014.

Mobile phones are a popular point of access for a lot of users on the web and especially for those who engage on social platforms routinely. According to the infographic by 72 percent of internet users use social networks.

The social giant, Facebook, has 1.2 billion users and from that astronomical stat 469 million users access the service via a mobile device. Twitter generates 500 million Tweets per day. Exactly 90 percent of marketers consider this particular social media networking site an effective marketing tool.

“We are doing this because we believe brands and businesses should think differently about how people engage with Facebook, especially on mobile. A lot of people focus on monthly active users or even registered users to demonstrate their size and scale. We think this is becoming on old way of looking at the media world. In this world, understanding who comes back at least once a month is only part of the picture. Instead, businesses should focus on people who come back online every single day;” according to Facebook.

Google may have gotten into the social networking game later, yet with 1 billion Google+ enabled accounts the performance is anything but amazing. They have 359 million active users (MAU), which is more than Twitter’s 232 MAU.

The list of screenshots is a recap of some of the most memorable social media moments during the Oscar ceremony and the record-setting Twitter pic by Ellen DeGeneres. With three months gone by there is without a doubt more to come from social media networking.

Academy Awards on Facebook
Academy Awards on Facebook

Academy Awards on Facebook

"The Academy Awards ceremony Sunday night led to more than 25.4 million interactions (status updates, comments, and likes) by some 11.1 million Facebook users, and the top social moment was the crowning of 12 Years a Slave as best picture."

Ellen DeGeneres Twitter pic
Ellen DeGeneres Twitter pic Ellen DeGeneres Twitter

Ellen DeGeneres Twitter pic

"The power of Twitter as the perfect companion to TV shone through, as Ellen (@TheEllenShow) organized a real-time star-studded selfie during the program, with the stated goal of making it the most retweeted Tweet, ever. Her plan worked:"

Follower Growth
Follower Growth Twitter Blog

Follower Growth

"After the show, @TheEllenShow’s follower growth was 47 times more than her average daily growth rate this year." 

"The envelope please….to @TheEllenShow - this is now the most re-tweeted Tweet with over 1 million RTs. Congrats!"

Christian Dior Paris
Christian Dior Paris

Christian Dior Paris

Jennifer Lawrence last year at the Oscars had a stumble. For 2014 the story was no different. The internet and the jokes on her became an instant sensation when she stumbled once again. 

"This seriously should be an ad. If you going to fall, fall in Dior."

The Year of the Social Media Business
The Year of the Social Media Business LinkedIn Blog

The Year of the Social Media Business

"Small businesses make the US economy tick. They create six out of every ten new jobs, and pumped about $3 trillion into the economy last year. If you’re a small business owner, you should stand tall and proud knowing this."



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