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Smart solutions for our four-legged family members

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No doubt, our pets have become very loving parts of human families, almost to their detriment. Ridiculous? Not so!

As stated by Smart Pet Solutions, humans can think, process and understand the dangers of pollution, toxins, poisons, pesticides, food additives, etc. and can make conscious choices. Our pets, however, have become the innocent victims to a polluted, toxic, chemicalized environment. They can’t tell us their environmental concerns; rather, they just keep providing us with unconditional love.

In fact, a comprehensive review of human-pet bonds published in the journal Family Process, Dr. Froma Wash of the Center for Family Health at the University of Chicago finds that pets provide stress reduction, companionship, affection, comfort, security and unconditional love to their owners. Having a pet can even confer physical health benefits. Heart attack survivors who have pets are likely to live longer.

In recent years, other studies show that many animals possess a strong ability to connect emotionally and communicate with humans, in their own way. Therefore, relationships with pets help people through hard times and provide connectedness in an era when family connections are fragmented.

Thus, a list is being shared so you can pamper the one member of your family that loves you unconditionally. These are paraphrased from the March 10, 2014 issue of for women First.

Bath time
Bath time fotosearch

Bath time

Snuggling with your just bathed pet is a joy…but the process of giving the bath? Not so much! Try the three-towel trick to stop the squirming and splashing. First, lay a towel in the tub before filling it with water so your pal has a comfy, nonskid surface to stand on. Then drape one towel over his neck and head immediately after washing. This will help delay the impulse  to shake (and soak you in the process) giving you extra time to use the third towel to drive him off.

Cure kitty constipation
Cure kitty constipation fotosearch

Cure kitty constipation

When indoor heat encourages more shedding, kitty ingests more hair, making it tougher for her to “go.” If your cat’s stools look hard and dry, try stirring ½ teaspoon of mayonnaise per 5 pounds of body weight into her food daily. The oil in the mayo will help hair glide through her digestive tract, plus cats love the flavor of the condiment.

Control fleas
Control fleas fotosearch

Control fleas

With spring comes fleas. To protect your pet (and home) from these pests, whip up this nontoxic flea spray: Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, then add a few sprigs (or 2 Tablespoons of dried) rosemary. Simmer for 30 minutes, let cool and then pour into a clean spray bottle. Twice a week, saturate a paper towel with the rosemary water and wipe down your pet. Then give carpets, rugs and pet beds a good spritz. The herb’s scent is pleasant to humans and animals but naturally repels fleas.

Soothe your pal’s winter blues
Soothe your pal’s winter blues fotosearch

Soothe your pal’s winter blues

If your pet is acting anxious or clingy, he may be experiencing a bout of the winter blahs brought on by gloomy weather and lack of exercise. Lift your pet’s spirits with this accupressure trick: Starting at his bottom rib, count up to the fifth rib (moving toward your pet’s head), then move your fingers along the fifth rib toward the spine. Using small circular motions, gently massage the small indentations on either side of the spine for 5 minutes. Stimulating these acupressure points releases feel-good brain chemicals that will help your pet feel calm and happy.

Keep pets from sloshing water
Keep pets from sloshing water fotosearch

Keep pets from sloshing water

Does your kitty tend to make a big mess every time she takes a drink? The cause could simply be the size of her bowl. Many cats don’t like deep, narrow vessels because their extremely sensitive whiskers rub against the sides. To avoid this, they knock water out of the bowl and drink off the floor. The fix that will cut her stress and keep your floors dry: Trade her water bowl for an old pie pan or other large, wide dish that lets her drink without her whiskers ever touching the sides.



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