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Skyy Raven Marie Mims-Skyy Mims: Model arrested in Dalton, GA, Murder

Kanku's Express-Hi Tech Fuel Dalton Georgia
Kanku's Express-Hi Tech Fuel Dalton Georgia

Skyy Mims aka Skyy Raven Marie Mims Murder Case: MyFox Atlanta is reporting today that a beautiful, aspiring model and singer from Detroit is a suspect in the murder of a clerk at a gas station in Georgia. Police say that Skyy Raven Marie Mims aka Sky Mims was seen entering the Kanku's Express gas station, now known as Hi-Tech Fuel in Dalton on Sunday. That's when police say she robbed and killed Dahyabhai Kalidas 'Dicky' Chaudmari, an Indian-American clerk working the night shift. The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office is currently looking for Skyy Mims. Update: Skyy Mims was arrested on Tuesday, March 11, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Case Summary
Skyy Raven Marie Mims is a 21-year-old Black woman who wanted to be a model and a singer. According to her Facebook page, the former high school basketball star has had many problems in her personal life that she has overcome. Sky Mims has a Facebook page and Youtube page dedicated to her career.



March 7

Sky Mims is headed to Atlanta to audition for a part, according to the Timesfreepress.

Sunday, March 10

  • 11: 55 p.m. Dahyabhai Kalidas Chaudmari aka 'Dickie' is working the night shift at Kanku's gas station. The store has several patrons inside. Video cameras capture Skyy Raven Marie Mims entering the store without looking at the cameras. While wearing a black bag and gloves, Mims attacks the clerk, then grabs cash and lottery tickets before exiting the store.
  • 11: 59 p.m. Patrons notice that the clerk is not at the cashier's register. One person notices that Dahyabhai Kalidas Chaudmari is on the floor and calls 911.
  • Dalton police arrive to find the clerk dead from possibly a stab wound. An examination of the video camera shows a tall Black woman approaching the clerk from behind the counter.
  • Police release a photo of the woman entering the store and ask the public for help in locating the suspect.
  • Sky Mims is considered armed and dangerous.

Tuesday, March 11

  • 5:00 p.m. Skyy Mims was arrested and charged with murder. She is being held in the Whifield County Jail. No bond set.


  • Skyy Mims' mother goes on the record to say that she thinks the charges against her daughter are wrong. She sets out to prove her innocence.
  • The Public Defender's office takes on the case of Skyy Mims.

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African American True Crime Archive's Facebook page

Kanku's Express-Hi Tech Fuel Dalton Georgia
Kanku's Express-Hi Tech Fuel Dalton Georgia facebook

Kanku's Express-Hi Tech Fuel Dalton Georgia

Here's a photo of Skyy Raven Marie Mims entering the store. The robbery and the murder happened behind the deli counter. Authorities say scratch off lottery tickets were also stolen.

Sky Mims aka Skyy Mims
Sky Mims aka Skyy Mims Facebook

Sky Mims aka Skyy Mims

Here you see a photo of the aspiring model/singer. This is vastly different from the previous photo showing the suspect robbing the clerk at a gas station.

Sky Mims
Sky Mims Facebook

Sky Mims

"Everything is not always as it seems. Love deep, live forever in now." This is a quotation found on her very own Facebook page. She goes on to say she's lived a "full life of pain, misfortune, and hate." According to her model page she is Black African, East Indian, Latino Hispanic.

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