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Six ways to improve search on Google

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Today, 88 % of all online searches take place on Google. Which means roughly 9 out of every 10 people who read this post use Google to search online. Being an avid user myself, I discovered some interesting ways to search on Google by making use of some useful search scripts provided by the search giant.

Sometimes I look for a specific thing Google and am surprised by the annoyance it can cause when I don't find it quickly. I know the information is out there but I'm not sure how to tell Google's search bots what I am looking for. To make things simpler, Google provide's a large variety of search scripts that tell the search bots exactly what you are searching for.

Here is a list of my six favorite Google search techniques.

Find similar website
Find similar website David Frankk

Find similar website

By adding the script "related:" before a website, Google returns websites similar to the one entered. With its enormous knowledge of the internet, Google is able to find related sites based on  user preferences, keywords, website traffic, and many other factors.

Exact match
Exact match David Frankk

Exact match

Sometimes I want Google to search for exactly the words I am searching for instead of showing me 44 million useless results. By searching for any set of words within "quotes" returns pages that contain all of those words in the same order.

Search with Goggles
Search with Goggles David Frankk

Search with Goggles

Now you don't have to type to search on Google. Get the Goggles App on your mobile phone and search using your phone camera. The app searches through image or even the text it is able to read.

Find in URL
Find in URL David Frankk

Find in URL

Use "inurl:" followed by the "keyword and other words" script to find pages which have the "keyword" in their URL and "other words" present somewhere in the content of the page.

Stay in the Range
Stay in the Range David Frankk

Stay in the Range

Next time you are looking to shop online, simply add ".." between your budget range. This will return only those pages where the product you are looking for is within your budget, hence, making online shopping even simpler.

Recursion David Frankk


I thought I'd end the list with a magic trick. We all know how Google is able to suggest the correct spellings of words that are misspelled in the text box. What if it started correcting spellings that were correct? Try searching for the word "recursion" on Google and see the trick.


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