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Six surprising places to propose in the Baltic

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You ask The One to marry you in a creative over-the-top locale. She says yes. Congratulations, read no further. But maybe your partner waffles or is not ready (as if you were not the one). Alas, don’t be daunted. More effort and planning are required – give it another shot.

For travelers in Northern Europe – maybe on a cruise or by train – love is universal, but romance takes an astonishing array of forms in the Baltic. Bundle up, kneel on one knee, and deliver your vital message with charisma. If you’ve never wooed your beloved anywhere but the traditional, read on.

1) Try the train platform in Warnemünde, Germany. Wait a minute, stop laughing. Trains and romance have always paired well.This little resort town, once a fishing village at the mouth of the Warnow River, certainly is not Casablanca Airport where Bogart delivered his “hill of beans” speech to Berman. But Simone del Piano, tour agent aboard cruise ship Royal Princess will tell you, "I kissed my sweetheart on the train platform. It was about as romantic as a goodbye kiss can be, but our parting was sad.” Hey, where’s the ring, fella?

2) Pop the question in Porvoo. What is Porvoo? This is Finland’s second oldest town, full of history – a cobblestone village about an hour’s drive from Helsinki. The timeless and unique atmosphere in Old Porvoo attracts travelers from all over the world. Old World charm and restaurants along the water make a dreamy setting to capture a heart. Along with the ring, be sure to include a box of those locally made Brunberg chocolates. Sweets for the sweet. Good thinking.

3) Lay it on the line at Nevsky Prospect. There’s no denying St. Petersburg is the cultural center of Russia – magnificent cathedrals and ornate palaces. A short walk from the famed Hermitage Museum is the city’s main fashion-focused district called Nevsky Prospect. The avenue runs from the Admiralty to the Moscow Railway Station. Stroll hand in hand past the trendy shops. When the moment seems right, you know what to do – say “Will you marry me” in Russian (Ты выйдешь за меня). Start practicing now.

4) No need to feel tense when you can unwind in Sweden. But where? A visit to Nynäs Havsbad Resort & Spa will remove any emotional barriers. The resort is on an island, connected to the coastal town of Nynäshamn (45 miles south of Stockholm). Royalty and celebrities came first in the early 20th century. Today anyone who craves an idyllic retreat for a special moment in life will admire the infinite view, fine dining and accommodations. Walk down to water’s edge and be ready to hear “yes.” Hint: Make it a weekend getaway for best results.

5) Ask your intended spouse-to-be for an evening at Tivoli. If the venerable gardens and amusement park in Denmark’s capital seems a bit too commercial, a bottle of champagne and dinner for two at sunset should do the trick. Reserve a table on the terrace of The Nimb, the classic Moorish boutique hotel and restaurant built in 1900. If your relationship has had its ups and downs, celebrate the engagement with a ride on Rutschenbanen. Tivoli’s landmark wooden roller coaster turns 100 years old this year. You are so clever.

6) Coax her in Cuxhaven. Gladly, this quaint coastal city is not part of any Baltic cruise itinerary, though ships are spotted in the distance. Here in the German resort community that hugs the North Sea, you can embrace you cherished traveler on empty beaches (early spring is best). The stark setting inspires.

After your fill of kaffee und kuchen (a refreshing infusion of caffeine and sugar cakes), plus a photo snapped at Kugelbake (geographic point where the Elbe River ends), it’s time for the awaited beachfront walk (not down the aisle yet). This is the area where the sea recedes during low tide. It's one of the main reasons why people visit Cuxhaven.

Stroll arm and arm on the cold sand. Carefully make your move. Subtly take the ring out of your pocket and pour out your heart. Say how she makes a difference in your life. Who could resist. The waves roll in as a soothing orchestration for your lyrical plea. But remember, even a favorite song can take time to be an all-time hit.

Warnemunde train station
Warnemunde train station Chris Roberts

Warnemunde train station

If the train leaves without sending along your heart (and ring), you missed the boat. In Germany, departures and arrivals can be equally romantic. It just depends on your direction.

Porvoo, Finland
Porvoo, Finland Chris Roberts

Porvoo, Finland

The road to Finland’s medieval town of Porvoo is made for a romantic stop. Plan a day here to contemplate your next step on the longer road to matrimony.

Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg
Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg Chris Roberts

Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg

Nevsky Prospect is the Rodeo Drive of St. Petersburg (well, maybe). Walk hand and hand in Russia, as a harbinger to the alter (well. maybe).

Nynashamn Resort, Sweden
Nynashamn Resort, Sweden Chris Roberts

Nynashamn Resort, Sweden

Sure, everyone wants to see Stockholm. But Nynäshamn, 45 miles away, delivers an unrivaled romantic getaway for savvy travelers at Nynäs Havsbad Resort & Spa.

Tivoli Gardens at dusk
Tivoli Gardens at dusk Chris Roberts

Tivoli Gardens at dusk

Your sunset dinner at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens will brighten hopes. Set the stage for a lifetime together with drinks at The Nimb, a longstanding landmark with tables for two and memories forever.

Low tide at Cuxhaven
Low tide at Cuxhaven Cuxhaven Tourism Board

Low tide at Cuxhaven

A stroll along the sands of the North Sea will warm the heart in Cuxhaven, Germany. This summer resort destination is best appreciated during the colder months with less crowds.