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Simple bathroom updates and replacing a corner vanity and sink

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The original bathroom in our master bedroom needed some major updating. We painted it a couple of years ago and added a beautiful new durable floor. The debate over what to do with the sink was next.

The ugly pink counter in the bathroom is something that needed to be replaced for years but we just never got around to it. Our bathroom in our master bedroom is small and has a corner sink and cabinet which are not the easiest to find. After weighing our options there were a couple of different choices for the bathroom remodel.

There was the option of replace the sink and top with a custom made piece. But since the cabinet was just two boards placed in a corner with doors over them we wanted to make something a little nice.

I searched online for a corner vanity and sink. We wanted a one large enough to store items in with a nice sink and top. Many of the corner vanities looked like they belonged in a Victorian home or were too much for what our bathroom updated required.

The Wayfair web site had a Lanza Corner 38" Vanity Set with Backsplashes that shipped for free. It was traditional in style and after we measured found it would fit in our bathroom. This corner vanity has a simple, elegant design that will add style to your bathroom. Topped with a solid granite top, backsplash and a white porcelain sink, this vanity is an extraordinary value.

**Check out the before and after photos below (scroll down) ***

Now, in the past we ordered a vanity online from Home Depot but figured if it didn’t fit or if there was something wrong with it, we could return it to our local store. With the Lanza vanity we were taking a chance but Wayfair does have a good return policy and reputation.

The vanity and sink arrived within about 1 week and we were ready for installation. First we removed the old sink and cabinet and next we installed the new sink and vanity. The new sink and vanity are a different wood color than our old one but we replaced the bathroom trim with white trim to match any décor.

Before ordering a vanity or choosing to remodel your bathroom check out the Bathroom Vanity buying guide found on the Lowe’s web site here.

Installing the new piece was fairly easy except for a few modifications because our plumbing was in the corner and not where the original openings are on the cabinet. Once installed the cabinet is nice to look at, holds quite of bit of stuff for a small cabinet, and is taller than our old one making it easier to reach for adults.

If you are looking for a corner vanity and sink check out the Lanza Corner Vanity set online or many other bathroom fixtures, sinks, vanities, lighting and bathroom accessories here.

You can also turn your bathroom into a retreat with the large selection of bathroom vanities, accessories, and more available here.

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Before and After Corner Sink
Before and After Corner Sink Annette

Before and After Corner Sink

Replacing an old outdated corner sink and vanity with the new Lanza Corner 38" Vanity Set with Backsplashes was easy and made a big difference in the way out bathroom looked.

Lanza Corner Vanity Set
Lanza Corner Vanity Set Wayfair

Lanza Corner Vanity Set

Lanza Corner 38" Vanity Set with Backsplashes from Wayfair is a nice all in one vanity, sink and granite counter top that works great in a corner area of the bathroom

Ugly Before Bathroom Sink
Ugly Before Bathroom Sink Annette

Ugly Before Bathroom Sink

The corner sink was an ugly pink with old fashioned wood doors on it before installing the new Lanza Corner 38" Vanity Set with Backsplashes

Lanza Sink and Vanity
Lanza Sink and Vanity Annette

Lanza Sink and Vanity

This is the Lanza Corner 38" Vanity Set  before we installed it the backsplashes come with the set they are sitting on the floor.  The cabinet comes fully assembled. 

Lanza Corner Vanity Set before
Lanza Corner Vanity Set before Annette

Lanza Corner Vanity Set before

The Lanza Corner 38" Vanity Set with Backsplashes is shown before it is installed in a bathroom.  It is a complete set along with granite backsplashes to match the sink top.

Lanza Vanity Set Installed
Lanza Vanity Set Installed Annette

Lanza Vanity Set Installed

Once the Lanza Corner 38" Vanity Set with Backsplashes is installed in a bathroom it makes a beautiful addition and has a nice area for storage.