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Shriya Patel-Bimal Patel case: Austin Bathtub murder trial timeline

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The Deccan Herald is reporting today that the capital murder trial of Indian-American killer Shriya Patel has begun in Texas. Shriya Patel aka Shriya Biman Patel is on trial for the 2012 bathtub murder of her husband.

Prosecutors say, Bimal Patel's wife lured him into the bathroom for a romantic massage but burned him in the bathtub. Patel died from his injuries. Shriya Patel faces a life sentence if found guilty.


April: A week before

Shriya Biman Patel, 25, arrives to the U.S. from India. She has agreed to an arranged marriage with Bimal Patel. They are finally going to be reunited. Bimal Patel, 29, feels pressured to adhere to his Hindu culture and agrees to the arranged marriage.

Bimal Patel is not in a financial position to take care of a wife.

Tuesday, April 17

Police are dispatched to the Camden Huntingdon apartment complex at 12349 Metric Boulevard in Austin, TX. When the officers arrive, witnesses frantically direct them to apt 223, where they find a naked Asian man on the floor with burns to the body. Neighbors say they heard the man screaming for help.

The victim is transported to Brooke Army Medical Center aka San Antonio Military Medical Center, where he is treated for the severe burns. The victim is identified as 29-year-old Bimal Patel.

Bimal Patel tells police officers that his wife seduced him into the bathtub with a promise of a sensual hot oil massage. Instead, she doused him with gasoline and set him on fire. Shriya Patel then walked out of the bathroom and locked the door, leaving her husband burning in the bathtub.

Shriya Patel aka Shriya Biman Patel is arrested and charged with aggravated assault and arson. She is held on $1 million dollars bail in the Travis County Jail.

April 24

Bimal Patel is still in San Antonio's military hospital in the burn unit. Medical staff describes his conditon as critical.

Shriya Biman Patel is still being held in the Travis County Jail.

September 8
After five long months, Bimal Patel dies of injuries sustained in the fire.He is pronounced dead at 8:17 a.m.

Shriya Biman Patel is charged with murder.



Opening statement in Shriya Patel's capital murder trial begins today, according to the

Shriya Biman Patel: Bathtub arson trial
Shriya Biman Patel: Bathtub arson trial Austin Police file photo

Shriya Biman Patel: Bathtub arson trial

Here is the mug shot for Shriya Biman Patel. She looks harmless here, but the Indian-American woman is currently on trial for capital murder. She recently came to the U.S. from India to live with her Indian-American husband. The marriage was arranged.

Bimal Patel: wife burns husband in bathtub
Bimal Patel: wife burns husband in bathtub

Bimal Patel: wife burns husband in bathtub

29-year-old Bimal Patel had no idea what was in store for him when he brought the Indian beauty into his home. He reluctantly agreed to the arranged marriage because of his father, sources say.

Bathtub murder: 12349 Metric Boulevard Austin, TX: Apt 223
Bathtub murder: 12349 Metric Boulevard Austin, TX: Apt 223

Bathtub murder: 12349 Metric Boulevard Austin, TX: Apt 223

Here is a photo of one of the bathrooms at the Camden Huntingdon Apartments. Shriya Patel lit candles and lured her husband into the bathroom for a bathtub massage. Instead, she set his body on fire with gasoline.



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