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Sharon Nelson-Gary Adams: The Black widow case

Sharon Nelson-Glen Harrelson
Amazon: Book cover

Sharon Nelson, the "Black Widow," is an American woman who was found guilty of the murder of two husbands in Colorado in 1989. Dr. Perry Nelson and Glen Harrelson were murdered by Sharon's lover Gary Adams. The Sharon and Glen case was featured on the Investigation Discovery crime show Fatal Vows.

What makes the Sharon Nelson case so disturbing?

Sharon Nelson, was a beautiful woman who found it easy to lure men. She was described as: trashy, flashy, sexy and hot!

Gary Adams was a fool for Sharon. He was in love with her. However, she only needed him to do her dirty work, according to the book "Bitch On Wheels" by Gregg Olsen.

Sharon Nelson was obsessed with Scarlet O'hara.

Her lover Gary Adams was considered her "mountain man."

How were the victims murdered?

In 1983, Dr. Perry Nelson was on his way out of town when his friend Gary Adams accompanied him. According to police files, Nelson was lured out of the vehicle by Gary and shot. The two struggled in the icy waters of the Colorado River before Dr. Nelson finally died. He was classified as a missing person, until his body was found a year later.

In 1988, Sharon Nelson's third husband, Glenn was shot and killed after he was ambushed as he walked in through the front door of his home.

What was the motive?

She murdered both husbands because she was bored and needed the insurance money.

Today's update on Sharon Nelson and Gary Adams

Sharon Nelson and Gary Star Adams were convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Both killers are still in prison.

Sharon Nelson-Glen Harrelson
Sharon Nelson-Glen Harrelson Amazon: Book cover

Sharon Nelson-Glen Harrelson

"The Confessions Of An American Black Widow," also entitled "Bitch on Wheels: The Sharon Nelson Double Murder Case" by Gregg Olsen is a good book on the entire case.

Gary Adams-killer
Gary Adams-killer Police file photo

Gary Adams-killer

Here is a recent photo of Killer Gary Adams, the man responsible for the murder of Dr. Nelson and Glen Harrelson. He was such a fool for Sharon Nelson. She didn't love him. She used him.

Sharon Nelson: The Colorado killer
Sharon Nelson: The Colorado killer Police file photo

Sharon Nelson: The Colorado killer

This is a recent photo of Black widow Sharon Nelson. Sharon doesn't look as pretty here, but according to those who knew her, she was a very attractive woman with lots of charm and an insatiable appetite for sex.

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