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Several reasons to avoid Google Glass at all costs

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Google Glass went on sale Tuesday for the ultra-ridiculous price of $1500. Google claims high sales, but has refused to release any numbers. What are they trying to hide? Do consumers really want a device that looks futuristic, but doesn't do much?

When we originally reviewed Google Glass, we said it could be the biggest technology gimmick ever. Then, we wrote how it could be a useful device for driving, when used correctly. Two months later, we still feel that Google Glass is, for the most part, the most useless and over-hyped device ever created.

When Google first released Glass to developers in 2012, it looked like a technological breakthrough. It looked like it could be the next big thing. Different websites foamed at the mouth over the new technology. News media outlets kept referring to it as the biggest invention of this century. It is now 2014 and Google has not released a "final" version of Glass. There is a reason for this: Google simply cannot make the device consumer-friendly and useful.

We have outlined the top five reasons Google Glass is doomed. We are sure we are going to get some hate mail from Google Glass fanatics who told us two months ago we didn't know what we were talking about. If you still feel like we don't know what we are talking about, tell us in the Comments section. But we feel you will be better off turning your attention to the Oculus Rift, which is actually a real technological breakthrough.

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1-Build quality is cheap
1-Build quality is cheap Photo courtesty of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission.

1-Build quality is cheap

The Google Glasses sell for $1500, but cost about $100 to make. At first, you may think they look "cool." But Google Glass has a cheaper build to it than the Samsung Galaxy S5 and that's saying a lot!

4-Awful display
4-Awful display Photo courtesty of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission.

4-Awful display

The Google Glass may display an image in your eye, but it looks like the image from one of those iPaq Pocket PC handhelds from ten years ago. Google could have at least included a 720p HD display, but chose the cheaper route.

3-Looks awful on your face
3-Looks awful on your face Photo courtesty of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission.

3-Looks awful on your face

When wearing Google's awful invention, you will look like a nerd who is trying to be all sophisticated. Unless you don't care about what people think about you, be prepared for shocking looks from strangers and not the good kind.

2-Battery life is awful
2-Battery life is awful Photo courtesty of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission.

2-Battery life is awful

The poor battery life on the Google Glass makes the unit almost useless, unless you bring a charger with you all the time. But why should you have to in the first place?

1-Google Glass is a complete gimmick
1-Google Glass is a complete gimmick Photo courtesty of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission.

1-Google Glass is a complete gimmick

Google Glass promises a lot, but delivers virtually nothing. The software is difficult to use, the device serves no major purpose, and it is going to be a huge flop in the marketplace, if it ever makes it there in the first place.


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