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Serial killer movies based on true stories

some of the best Lifetime movies based on serial killers

Serial Killer Movies Based On True Stories: Serial killer movies based on true stories have to be number one on the list of most people who love true stories. Real stories based on serial killers have been used as a basis for making big screen/box office movies as well as made-for-tv movies such as Lifetime.

Here is a list of Lifetime movies based on American serial killers.

A Friend Of The Family:
A woman suspects her neighbor is a serial killer. Based on David Snow.

An Officer And A Murderer: He liked to dress up in women's clothing. Then he killed his victims. Based on serial killer Russell Williams.

Black Widower: A man murders each one of his wives. Based on serial killer Ed Amos.

Fatal Trust: A doctor murders his elderly patients. Based on serial killer Dr. Harold Shipman.

Fatal Vows: The Alexander O'hara Story: When young girls vanish in the Bronx, a livery cab driver is the prime suspect. Based on Alejandro 'Alex' Henriquez.

The Capture Of The Green River Killer: A serial killer terrorizes and murders 49 victims. Based on Gary Ridgeway.

The Hunt For The I-5 Killer: A killer is on the loose in the I-5 Corridor. Based on serial killer Randy Woodfield.

The Bad Son: The son of a police officer kills women in Seattle. Based on New York serial killer Eric Napoletano.

Karla: movie about a couple who murdered three female victims. Based on Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo.

Legacy Of Sin: She married twice, and both men ended up dead. Based on the story of William Coit Jr. and his mother Jill Coit.

Murder On Pleasant Drive: A seemingly nice man is a suspect in the disappearance of his current wife and is connected to the murder of his previous wife. Based on serial killer John Smith.

List of serial killer movies
List of serial killer movies Facebook: Lifetime

List of serial killer movies

A really good serial killer movie that appeared on Lifetime. It is a highly viewed film based on serial killer Gary Ridgeway. Ridgeway was convicted of killing almost 50 people. He has confessed that the number is much higher.

An Officer And A Murderer -Beyond The Headlines
An Officer And A Murderer -Beyond The Headlines Facebook

An Officer And A Murderer -Beyond The Headlines

He was a highly respected decorated officer. Fellow officers were in disbelief when it became public knowledge that Officer Russell Williams was the local serial killer. Lifetime did a follow-up story after the movie entitled "Beyond The Headlines."

Murder On Pleasant Drive-Lifetime movie
Murder On Pleasant Drive-Lifetime movie Facebook

Murder On Pleasant Drive-Lifetime movie

John Smith was a handsome man whom everyone assumed was a nice guy. But when his wife vanished an investigation ensued and pinpointed him as the prime suspect in the death of his first wife.

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