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Samanata Shrestha-Jessica Ewing: Virginia Tech murder

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The New York Daily News is reporting today that three people have been arrested in connection with the death of a Virginia Tech student. Police say, Samanata Shrestha was found dead in her vehicle on Monday. Fellow Virginia Tech student Jessica Michelle Ewing, 22, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Samanata Shrestha. Two other people: Keifer Kyle Brown, 23, and Michael Christian Keller, 23, have been charged as accessories after the fact.

The motive for the killing is still being investigated.

Samanata Shrestha case details

Samanata Shrestha was a 21-year old senior and honor student at Virginia Tech. She was majoring in Biology. The popular woman's parents asked police to check up on their daughter when they were unable to make contact with her on Saturday. The woman's car was also missing.

Friends and members of the student body have held vigils for the young woman in order to honor her memory. Teacher's have described the young woman as a "dream student" because she was so eager to learn, according to the New York Daily News.

Samanata Shrestha murder scene

On Monday, police located the 2004 black Mercedes c320 in an area of Montgomery county. Samanata Shrestha's body was inside the car in the driver's seat. Medics say, the marks on the woman's throat suggest that she likely died from strangulation, according to the Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech's college paper.

A final determination of death will be revealed upon completion of the autopsy.

Police were led to Virginia Tech student Jessica Michelle Ewing and Keifer Kyle Brown, who have been arrested, along with Michael Christian Keller. Authorities say that Michael Christian Heller and Keifer Brown were arrested for transporting and hiding the student's dead body after the fact.

The victim's parents recently lost another daughter in an accident in 2008.

Samanata Shrestha-Virginia Tech
Samanata Shrestha-Virginia Tech Collegiate Times

Samanata Shrestha-Virginia Tech

Here is a photo of Virginia Tech student Samanata Shrestha. The student's parents told police that they were unable to locate their daughter. An investigation revealed the woman had been murdered and left in her car. She was a beloved student and friend.

Jessica Michelle Ewing aka Jessica Ewing
Jessica Michelle Ewing aka Jessica Ewing Police file photo

Jessica Michelle Ewing aka Jessica Ewing

Here is a photo of Jessica Michelle Ewing. The 22-year-old Virginia Tech student was arrested by Blacksburg police and charged with second-degree murder. Police are still sorting out a motive in the murder.

Keifer Kyle Brown aka Keifer Brown
Keifer Kyle Brown aka Keifer Brown Police file photo

Keifer Kyle Brown aka Keifer Brown

Shown in this police file photo, is a mugshot of Keifer Brown. Brown was charged as an accessory after the fact. According to police, Keifer Brown helped moved Samanata Shrestha's body.