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Sale prices lack sharp discounts of the past

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There was a time when a Detroit shopper could depend on saving 10 to 20% when taking advantage of the weekly ads from Meijer, Kroger, Hollywood Markets or any of the Spartan grocery stores. Although it is still possible to find buy one get one (BOGO) offers buy one get one 50% off or buy two get one seem to be more evident today.

Your examiner recently went on a shopping expedition at a local grocery store to document the new slim discounts being offered on advertised items. In some cases advertised prices were identical to the regular price. This is especially true at Walmart where the regular price drops to the advertised price automatically as a rollback. But in far too many cases it was found that some products are only being discounted 5% or less.

Savvy shoppers should note that Meijer will sometimes offer items normally selling for a dollar in their 10 for $10 specials. Although this may seem strange, such as in last week’s sale on Manwich, Chef Boyardee pasta, and Banquet Dinners which are everyday low price of one dollar, the 10 for $10 specials include an 11 item for free. This extra item means that you save 10%, provided you by all 11 items.

Here are some examples of what your examiner found:

Ortega Seasonings
Ortega Seasonings Richard Weaver/

Ortega Seasonings

Saving four cents on Ortega taco seasoning mix will result in a savings of over 6%. Taco Bell taco seasoning was half price at Meijer the prior week making it a better deal.

On Cor dinners
On Cor dinners Richard Weaver/

On Cor dinners

This On Cor dinner special may seem like it was only going to save less than five percent, but some flavors offered a savings of 39 cents. Stock up on the ones with the higher savings.

Mazzola Oil
Mazzola Oil Richard Weaver/

Mazzola Oil

Mazzola Oil was offering a 14 cent savings. Other brands were comparably priced meaning that you would probably save money by purchasing the item for which you had a coupon regardless of the sale price.