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Saber - Fate/Stay Night Action Figure

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While not quite the fiscal juggernaut of the same stature as Evangelion, Type-Moons Fate franchise is a merchandising powerhouse in its own right. Obtained at the same toy convention as the Mari buildable capsule toy posted a few days ago, this Fate/Stay Night capsule toy comes from a wave which contained nothing but different variations of Saber. The one included for this review is a chibi version of regular, armored Saber as she appeared in Stay Night and Fate/Zero.

Saber (Front)
Saber (Front) Author

Saber (Front)

The Chibi version of Saber as she appeared in Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Carnival Phantasm, and a million other Type-Moon appearances. She's adorable.

Saber (Back)
Saber (Back) Author

Saber (Back)

The attention to detail is truly superb on these capsule toys. Every angle from which Saber can be examined has perfect sculpting and paint. You pay for what you get, but if you're a fan of the character, the excellence in quality is heartwarming.

Excaliber Author


Not illustrated on the box art is the fact that attached to Saber is a chibi version of her hallmark weapon. When I saw this attached to the figure, I actually held it above my head and yelled 'Ex-Calibeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!' It can't be helped. It's that cute.

The Manly Pink Ball
The Manly Pink Ball Author

The Manly Pink Ball

Yes, this one is helpfully labelled with 'Fate/Stay Night' and 'Type-Moon' copyrights on the front label. That's a big help for those of us who don't read Japanese. And it still takes someone pretty secure to walk around with a bunch of these things.

The Handy Brochure
The Handy Brochure Author

The Handy Brochure

This insert shows the other versions of Saber which can be had in the wave. The possibilities are Saber, Saber Alter, Saber (Normal Clothes), Saber Lily, and Maid Saber (presumably from the episode of Carnival Phantasm where she got a job at the Cafe).


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