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RuneScape: Toggling between Legacy mode and EOC in-game

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RuneScape has released legacy mode to the game. The July 14, 2014 update has left RuneScape players trying to figure out how to toggle from legacy mode to EOC and from EOC to legacy mode.

Worlds 33, 57, 120, and 136 are the free to play legacy-only worlds, worlds 18, 97, 115, and 137 are members' only legacy worlds, and world 66 and 135 are EOC-only worlds. In those worlds, you are automatically switched to the configuring mode and need to hop to switch it off.

RuneScape players can switch between modes anywhere in the game, unless they are engaged in combat. To properly switch, the RuneScape player should be not in the middle of something, or be able to take a brief break. It generally takes less than five seconds to toggle between EOC and legacy mode, assuming the RuneScape player knows which buttons to push.

The following slideshow list will detail the process of toggling between EOC and legacy mode in RuneScape.

Toggling from Legacy to EOC
Toggling from Legacy to EOC David Farrell, RuneScape game client

Toggling from Legacy to EOC

Toggle from Legacy to EOC. Look for the settings tab below the inventory. It is the one with the hammer and wrench. Click on that to open the game settings menu.

Settings menu
Settings menu David Farrell, RuneScape game client

Settings menu

In the settings menu, look for the out-of-place EOC buttons. You will want to open the 'powers' button, the fourth from the left. It is the one that has the three blue stars in a circle that opens combat in EOC. 

EOC combat menu
EOC combat menu David Farrell, RuneScape game client

EOC combat menu

The EOC combat/powers menu will pop up. You will want to click on combat settings from this menu. It is the sixth tab, the one on the far right side.

The legacy-EOC toggle
The legacy-EOC toggle David Farrell, RuneScape game client

The legacy-EOC toggle

You will see on the lower left where there is the actual toggle between legacy and EOC. Uncheck the box to toggle off of legacy mode to EOC.

Confirm toggle
Confirm toggle David Farrell, RuneScape game client

Confirm toggle

A popup box will appear. Click on the confirm button to switch to EOC. The menu will disappear and you will be in EOC mode with all your preset interfaces and layout.

Toggle from EOC to legacy
Toggle from EOC to legacy David Farrell, RuneScape game client

Toggle from EOC to legacy

To switch from EOC to legacy, click on the powers/combat button from the interface. Click the button itself, not the drop-down tabs, and the proper menu will pop up.

Toggling to legacy
Toggling to legacy David Farrell, RuneScape game client

Toggling to legacy

When the powers/combat menu comes up, click on the far right tab for combat settings. Check the box for legacy on the lower left and confirm.

Legacy mode
Legacy mode David Farrell, RuneScape game client

Legacy mode

You are now in legacy mode. Mode can be toggled between EOC and legacy anywhere in game, as long as you are not engaged in combat. Happy RuneScaping!


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