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RTX 2014 Panels as Awesome Fan Art

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Missing RTX this year? No need to miss out on all of the awesomeness that being a Rooster Teeth fan has to offer.

Check out some of the RTX 2014 schedule highlights through the eyes of a few of the Rooster Teeth community's best artists!



"RWBY" by A-R-Q

Although it had some growing pains in the first volume, there's no denying that RWBY made a serious impact on how people see online entertainment. The quality and passion that went into this project quickly earned the anime-style series a due following (not to mention giving RT cosplayers some new material). While the production diaries have been enough to keep fans adequately appeased, many are eager to learn what is in store for the students of Beacon Academy.

"The cast and crew from Rooster Teeth's RWBY premieres the first episode of Volume 2 and takes your questions!"

Red vs. Blue
Red vs. Blue SamDenmarkArt

Red vs. Blue

"Carolina" by SamDenmarkArt

After what was a comparably weak 11th season, Red vs. Blue came back with a vengeance (like Die Hard!). The humor in Season 12 is top-notch as always, but it is the storyline which has been increasingly impressive, bringing back a strong and sorely missed quality of plot. Not to mention a lost character or two.

"Meet the team behind the series that started it all: Red vs. Blue! We've got the creators, writers, machinimators, and animators all crammed into one panel. They'll talk, show some exclusive videos, and probably look really dumb in the process."

Achievement Hunter
Achievement Hunter pfennings

Achievement Hunter

"Achievement Time" by pfennings

Having launched the Let's Play YouTube channel little more than a year ago, Achievement Hunter has seen some immense growth in the last year (though none quite as impressive as Geoff's mustache). Will fans ever see King Gavin? Will Edgar ever truly be free? Hopefully fans can expect to hear this and more at the Achievement Hunter panels (that's right--there was just too much awesome to pack into one time slot).

"What's better than one Achievement Hunter panel? TWO! Join the Achievement Hunter gang for an hour of mediocrity. Again."

Game Grumps
Game Grumps queen-dedede

Game Grumps

"TONIGHT ON GAME GRUMPS" by queen-dedede

What's better than Rooster Teeth? Rooster Teeth AND Game Grumps! With enough personality (and swearing apparently) to fill the entire convention center, fans are going to have their schedules packed.

"Join Arin 'Egoraptor' Hanson, Dan 'Sexbang' Avidan, Ross 'RubberNinja' O'Donovan, Barry 'Razzadoop' Kramer, and Suzy 'Mortem3r' Berhow for a question and answer panel covering all things Game Grumps, Steam Train, Starbomb, and Table Flip."

Immersion Season 2
Immersion Season 2 Sound-Resonance

Immersion Season 2

"RT: Immersion: Simulation Racer" by Sound-Resonance

After what felt like the longest hiatus of all time (my sympathy to Sherlock fans), RT fans finally saw some fresh blood put through the ringers, as Michael and Gavin (pictured above) acted as the new lab rats.

"The cast and crew of Immersion will give a complete rundown of the show. They will cover how the ideas were formulated and how they were executed on screen. The expanded cast will also talk about the experience of joining the show in the 2nd season and how they went about finding their natural place in the show."