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Road trips and family bonding: 3 memory making ideas

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Road trips are a great way for families to bond. Lots of families take advantage of summer vacation to embark on the Great American Road trip. Adventure, photo opportunities and memorable moments are waiting for you and your family. Here are three tips to help your family make the most of your road trip getaway.

Children walking
Children walking Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Children walking

Kids crave quality time. Take time out from your road trip to enjoy activities that you might not do otherwise. If you see or hear about a festival, why not check it out? Stopping at a park, zoos, science museum or other attraction can be a great add-on to your road trip. The positive adult-child interaction is good for bonding.

Kids with laptops
Kids with laptops Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Kids with laptops

Involve the kids in the vacation decision making process. Older kids can research potential destinations and print maps. They can even help set-up a budget. Youngsters can make some decisions on what t-shirts to pack or which stuffed toys to bring. Sit down with the kids to discuss the ideas they come up with. You may be surprised at the road trip ideas that they come up with.

Children in the rain
Children in the rain Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Children in the rain

Rainy days happen. Plan for them by bringing outdoor gear or bring a board game to play at the hotel. The rain may dampen your clothing but a few sprinkles doesn't have to dampen your fun. Sometimes the most memorable moments are made on rainy days.