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Richard Magdayo Dahan-Daisy Casalta: Chef murdered wife over divorce

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ABC News is reporting today that a Nevada chef is being held for the stabbing death of his wife. Richard Magdayo Dahan, 40, is a Las Vegas chef who is accused of stabbing his wife Daisy Casalta Dahan, 28, to death because she wanted a divorce. According to the Daily Mail, the man turned himself in to police and described how he stabbed his wife in the kitchen of their Las Vegas apartment. Dahan was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of his wife.

Richard Magdayo Dahan-Daisy Casalta Dahan case details

Richard Magdayo Dahan was a former chef who lost his job after he had a kidney transplant. The couple had married in the Philippines but later relocated to the United States so that Richard Dahan could have a closer relationship with a child that he had with an ex-girlfriend.

According to his confession, Daisy grew unhappy in the marriage due to financial difficulties and due to her husband's relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Richard Dahan snapped when she repeated that she wanted a divorce, an unacceptable solution in Filipino culture, according to Dahan.

Daisy Casalta Dahan murder scene details

According to police, the victim was sitting at the kitchen table, where she was stabbed to death with a knife and beaten with a meat cleaver. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shocked by what had just occurred, Dahan took a shower and later decided to turn himself in to the Clark county police, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Today's update

Richard Magdayo Dahan gave police a full confession of how the murder occurred. He is currently being held without bond in the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada, according to ABC Action News.

Richard Magdayo Dahan-Chef Murder
Richard Magdayo Dahan-Chef Murder Police file photo

Richard Magdayo Dahan-Chef Murder

40-year-old Richard Magdayo Dahan became so angry with his wife that he stabbed her to death. The former chef was having financial problems since his kidney transplant.

Daisy Casalta Dahan-Filipino woman stabbed by husband
Daisy Casalta Dahan-Filipino woman stabbed by husband Police file photo: ABC13

Daisy Casalta Dahan-Filipino woman stabbed by husband

28-year-old Daisy Casalta Dahan grew tired in her relationship with her husband Richard. She wanted out and had told her husband several times in the past. But, when she said the word "divorce" at the dinner table, her husband snapped.

Camden Vintage Apartment-murder
Camden Vintage Apartment-murder

Camden Vintage Apartment-murder

Here is a standard kitchen at the Camden Vintage Apartments in Las Vegas. The murder occurred in the kitchen area as the victim sat at the table.