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Revoltech Rin Tohsaka Action Figure

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Also hailing from the excellent Revoltech line (in this case, the revamped and improved 'Fraulein 2.0' series) is Rin Tohsaka, the spunky, bullying girl Magus from Fate/Stay Night. She's relatively easy to come by on the secondary market, perhaps as she is one of the less popular characters from the series, which is a shame, as her figure is pretty superb.

Although still a good value, Rin seems pretty small when compared to the heavily armored Saber figures. The girl wiz does come with some fun accessories as a consolation, however. The most interesting of her pack-ins is, of course, the Azoth dagger. It restores my faith in blade accessories for action figures after the cruel disappointment that was Black Rock Shooter's Black Katana.

Also worth mentioning, however, is the good selection of swappable hands Rin comes with. She's got open hands, closed hands, hands with jewels between her fingers. It makes for a fun variety. One problem that presents itself with the figure, though your mileage may vary, is that her shoulder joints are not quite up to the task of swapping the hands, and often pop off during the process. I managed to take this in stride however, as I have come to the realization that if I'm not dismembering something, I'm not reviewing an anime toy!

Rin Tohsaka (Front)
Rin Tohsaka (Front) Author

Rin Tohsaka (Front)

Not a lot of surprises, Rin winds up being about what you would expect. She has good articulation, which manages not to be too obtrusive or noticeable. I would have preferred her longer school skirt, but maybe that's just me.

In the package
In the package Author

In the package

I give props to Kaiyodo for using considerably less packaging on the smaller figures. Rin simply doesn't need the same size box as a figure like Saber. Figmas all seem to come with the oversize display box, regardless of how big the figure is.

Rin Tohsaka (Back)
Rin Tohsaka (Back) Author

Rin Tohsaka (Back)

The details on the back view are also pretty impressive, though her articulation cuts are somewhat more impressive. Also, her twin ponytails are articulated. I don't know why but this always amuses me.

Ready For Battle!
Ready For Battle! Author

Ready For Battle!

Hands swapped, Rin is ready to fight with the Azoth Dagger and her magic bullets.I actually wish they had included hands with her index finger pointed and her thumb up, like she was about to use her Gandr spell, but again, quibbling.

It's...just a flesh wound!
It's...just a flesh wound! Author

It's...just a flesh wound!

It's not an anime figure review if someone doesn't lose a limb! I really do love me some revoltechs, but it seems like all of the ones I have so far have a glaring joint dysfunction. In this case, it's Rin's right arm. It detaches at the shoulder fairly easily.


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