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Review: Suave Kids hair gel, mousse and hairspray

Suave Kids products offer quality at bargain prices.
Suave Kids products offer quality at bargain prices.
Beth McIntire

If your little ones like to borrow Mom's hair products, they'd probably love having their own hairspray, gel or mousse.

Suave provided me with sample bottles of the following new hair products from their Suave Kids line in return for an honest review:

  • Suave Kids Mousse, Cherry Vanilla Soda
  • Suave Kids Gel, Cool Ocean Blast
  • Suave Kids Light-Hold Hairspray, Swingin' Coconut

I'm already a fan of Suave Kids two-in-one shampoo plus conditioner and their detangling spray. Suave, a product of Unilever, has a long history of producing quality products at low price points, including a variety of both adult and children's products. Suave also markets modestly priced skin care products such as hand and body lotion.

Suave Kids products come in bright, attractive bottles and feature kid-friendly scents, often fruity in nature, with catchy names. The hair products I tested contain no dyes or alcohol.

Mousse Beth McIntire


The Suave Kids Mousse smells fantastic and leaves a nice scent on your child's hair while making it soft, smooth and shiny. The mousse didn't cause unnatural stiffness on my testers' hair and didn't leave a sticky film. My four-year-old tester insisted on putting the mousse into her own hair. Having never tried this task before, she took a glob of it and gently slapped it onto her head.

I was able to even it out some, but thankfully, the product was forgiving enough to not leave a large patch of brittle-looking hair in the middle of her head.

Light-hold hairspray
Light-hold hairspray Beth McIntire

Light-hold hairspray

Kids can have their own hairspray using Suave Kids Light-Hold Hairspray with its yummy-smelling coconut scent. The product sprays evenly and created just enough hold for my testers' hair without causing the icky stickies or any noticeable stiffness.

Styling gel and lots more
Styling gel and lots more Beth McIntire

Styling gel and lots more

A little goes a long way with the Suave Kids Gel product, which works well for smoothing back errant strands or taming curls that fall forward. You can also create a wet look on your child's hair without crunchiness or flakes. The gel has a pleasant aroma, though slightly less intense than the hairspray and mousse.

In addition to the products I tested, Suave Kids offers spray-on hair detangler, two-in-one shampoo plus conditioner, tear-free body wash, tear-free head to toe wash (shampoo and body wash), hair conditioner and three-in-one shampoo with conditioner and body wash.

Suave Kids products generally cost around $2 or $3 a bottle, and you can often snag coupons from Unilever's regular Sunday newspaper inserts.

You can find Suave Kids items almost anywhere that sells hair products, including grocery stores, drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens, and mass retailers like Target and Walmart. BJ's sometimes sells three-packs of Suave Kids two-in-one shampoo plus conditioner.

You'll want to keep Suave Kids products out of children's reach, or they may try to put gobs of it on themselves because they love the fragrance. Suave Kids products smell fantastic, work well and treat kids' eyes, hair and skin with care.