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Review: P&G Sweet Dreams collection wants to help you sail off to dreamland

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Procter & Gamble markets its new Sweet Dreams collection of laundry products as helping create an ideal sleep environment, with its heavenly scent permeating the laundry and staying on it for quite some time.

In return for an honest review, P&G provided me with sample containers from the Sweet Dreams collection - Bounce Sweet Dreams, Downy Infusions Sweet Dreams: Silk Touch, Downy Unstopables Sweet Dreams and Tide Plus a Touch of Downy Sweet Dreams.

I use a top-loading washer and continued using stain pretreatment and chlorine bleach in white loads. The products also work in front-loading HE washing machines.

Downy Unstopables
Downy Unstopables Procter & Gamble

Downy Unstopables

P&G hopes that you'll use the collection of products together, and you'll get the strongest, longest lasting laundry scent using the Tide, Downy liquid or Bounce sheets and Downy Unstopables together. However, the key ingredient seems to be the Unstopables, a fairly recent product that P&G markets as an "in-wash scent booster."

Add Downy Unstopables Sweet Dreams to the washer while it's filling with water, around the same time you add the detergent. Though the instructions don't specify how much of the Unstopables beads you should add to your laundry load, a little experimentation should give you an idea of how much leaves a desirable amount of scent on your fabrics. Unstopables doesn't soften or remove static - the product simply adds a stronger and longer lasting scent than you get using fabric softener alone.

The Unstopables advertising claims that its wondrous scent clings to fabrics for up to 12 weeks in storage. I don't want to wait 12 weeks before publishing my review, but the scent does seem to stay on clothing during the time between washing and wearing and adheres to bed linens for several days.

Bounce dryer sheets
Bounce dryer sheets Procter & Gamble

Bounce dryer sheets

Bounce Sweet Dreams dryer sheets smell wonderful and provide the most economical part of the collection, costing around $5 or $6 for a 150-count box. Dryer sheets don't generally add much in the way of scent to your laundry, though Bounce sheets do a fantastic job of softening and getting rid of static and lint.

Downy Sweet Dreams
Downy Sweet Dreams Procter & Gamble

Downy Sweet Dreams

Downy Infusions Sweet Dreams: SilkTouch liquid fabric softener adds a touch of lovely lavender scent to fabric, with or without the Unstopables scent booster or Tide detergent. It costs around $5 or $6 for a 40-load bottle. Clothes come out soft and static-free with a slight lavender fragrance.

Tide Sweet Dreams
Tide Sweet Dreams Procter & Gamble

Tide Sweet Dreams

Long a darling of consumer product testing magazines, Tide definitely works well to clean your clothing - removing both the dirt you see and the dirt you don't see, like perspiration.  As with the rest of the Dreams collection, Tide plus a Touch of Downy Sweet Dreams bills itself as ideal for washing sheets, pajamas and nighttime fabrics, but I imagine most people don't wash these items separately from their other laundry.

This product smells lovely while doing an exceptional job of cleaning, even grabbing some stains that missed getting pre-treatment spray. I washed some extremely dirty, smelly clothes in this product, and everything came out spectacularly clean, bright and fresh-smelling.

Tide plus a Touch of Downy Sweet Dreams retails for $13.99 for a 48-load bottle, but you can pick it up at Walmart for about $11.97. As with all the products in this review, you can shave some money off the cost by using P&G's regular Sunday newspaper coupon inserts.

Using the Tide, Downy and Unstopables together results in a scent that lingers on your sheets and bedclothes for over a week. You get a pleasant whiff when dressing in the morning, too, assuming that you wash all of your clothing together using the same products. P&G's Sweet Dreams collection of laundry products offers outstanding performance with a twist of aromatherapy.