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Review: Finish Power and Free dishwasher tabs

Finish Power and Free tabs do a fantastic job getting dishes clean.
Beth McIntire

I'm already a fan of Finish dishwasher products, so I couldn't wait to try the free sample of their new product, Finish Power and Free, I received in the mail, requested from the company's Web site.

Finish Power and Free's packaging says it contains no chlorine bleach and fewer dyes, fragrances and harsh chemicals than other dishwasher detergents, using hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning agent. You probably have some hydrogen peroxide in your bathroom cabinet or first aid kit, or you at least remember it from childhood as that bubbly stuff your mom put on your cuts and scratches.

New product
New product Beth McIntire

New product

I tested a Quantum sample, and Finish also makes a new Power and Free Jet Dry product and Finish Power and Free Powerballs, which combine the Jet Dry rinse aid with Finish dishwasher detergent.

I generally prefer Finish to begin with because using quality detergent makes a noticeable difference with my dishwasher. I can get by with home made or inexpensive detergent, and they work fine for many folks. However, when I start to run out of detergent, I have trouble passing by that giant tub of Finish tabs at B.J.'s.

Finish brand
Finish brand Beth McIntire

Finish brand

Yes, powdered detergent costs significantly less than tablets or gel pacs, so I sometimes violate my own rules of deal hunting with my dishwasher detergent preference. However, I watch for coupons and often have one available when I make a Finish splurge.

Walmart has various sizes of Finish Power and Free, the largest being 40 tabs for about $10 and the smallest a 17-count box for around $4.

Clean dishes
Clean dishes Beth McIntire

Clean dishes

I purposely left some dirty dishes sit overnight to give Finish Power and Free a good challenge. The product did an impressive job of removing most of the crusty, dried-on food remnants from my dishes.

As with other Finish products, dishes came out with no soapy film or visible residue. Sadly, the sample pack came with only two tabs, which served the intended purpose of free samples by leaving me wanting more.