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Review: Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk High Heel Insoles

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If you're tired of cutting regular shoe inserts to fit your high heels, including pumps, sandals and slides, Dr. Scholl's has something you might like, new Dr. Scholl's DreamWalk High Heel Insoles.

I received a free sample pair of DreamWalk High Heel Insoles from BzzAgent in return for an honest review.

Shoe inserts are one area where many people don't scrimp, other than waiting for sales and using coupons on the rare occasions when some are available. Most store brands can't hold a handle to the gold standard in shoe insoles, Dr. Scholl's. The company makes padded and gel insoles for nearly every foot need, including all-day comfort, sports support and ailments such as heel pain.

Dr. Scholl's even offers free foot mapping for their Custom Fit Orthotics at most Walmart and Sam's Club locations.

Well made insole
Well made insole Beth McIntire

Well made insole

The DreamWalks inserts seem quite substantial - well padded and nicely made - yet thin enough not to make shoes feel snug. They have a peel and stick back so that they won't come off or slide around in your shoes, but they're still fairly easy to remove when you want to take them out. They provide great arch support in a thick, comfortable gel insole. They also look significantly more attractive than a standard insole.

Cuddly soft
Cuddly soft Beth McIntire

Cuddly soft

DreamWalks insoles' soft fabric won't rub you the wrong way, whether barefoot or wearing hose. Dr. Scholl's recommends replacing them roughly every 6 months or when they start to show wear. Your experience would vary depending on how often you wear the shoes in which the inserts reside.

Measurements Beth McIntire


However, DreamWalk inserts' tiny size could prove problematic for some women.  In order to fit into a wide variety of high-heeled shoes and remain invisible even in sandals and slides, the insoles have rather slight measurements of approximately 7.5" long, 2.5" across the toe area, 1.5" wide at the arch and 2" across the heel. Although they're supposed to work for shoe sizes 6 to 10, women with long or wide feet may not find DreamWalk inserts helpful.

Dr. Scholl's DreamWalk High Heel Insoles sell for about $7.97 at Walmart. For a $4 off coupon good through December 2014, please leave me a comment below and send me your home address in a private message. I'll fulfill requests through July 15, 2014 or while supplies last.