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Review: Bounce Bursts in-wash scent booster

P&G's new Bounce Bursts product smells fantastic and gives your clothing a lovely aroma.
P&G's new Bounce Bursts product smells fantastic and gives your clothing a lovely aroma.
Beth McIntire

The field of in-wash scent booster options grows even more crowded with the recent addition of P&G's Bounce Bursts.

Procter and Gamble provided me with a sample bottle of Bounce Bursts, along with a box of Bounce Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets, in return for an honest review.

I use a standard top-loading washer and liquid or powder detergent, along with the Bounce Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets for my fabric softener. I add liquid chlorine bleach in my white loads.

In-wash scent boosters add a pleasant aroma to your laundry that lasts far longer than with liquid fabric softener. Such products don't soften or inhibit static; they only add a nice scent. If you use an in-wash scent booster, you'll still need to use fabric softener, such as Bounce dryer sheets.

Scent boosters also don't cover up unwanted smells. If your laundry detergent doesn't remove odors from body oils or cologne, and you already add detergent to the washer before adding clothes, you may need to use a bit more detergent or try a different product.

Lovely, sniffable scent
Lovely, sniffable scent Beth McIntire

Lovely, sniffable scent

P&G released one of the pioneering in-wash scent booster products, Downy Unstopables. I've tried Downy Unstopables and other brands of in-wash scent boosters, all of which impressed me with their heavenly fragrances. Bounce Bursts definitely gives similar products some stiff competition.

I absolutely love the smell of Bounce Bursts, to the point where I keep wanting to sniff my laundry as I'm folding it, and smell my clothes as I put them on. I also get some strange looks from family members when I sniff their clothing as a hug them.

I ran out of my sample package of Bounce Burst before I had a chance to wash bed sheets or blankets in Bounce Burst, but I can imagine how wonderful it would feel to doze off under the influence of such a fabulous aroma.

Easy to use and buy
Easy to use and buy Beth McIntire

Easy to use and buy

Not only did my clean laundry smell amazing, but with the Bounce Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets, everything came out feeling incredibly soft. Up until recently, I'd generally used liquid fabric softener, but multiple tests of various dryer sheets have convinced me that they can do a fantastic job of softening laundry and removing static.

You can pick up Bounce Burst in a 13.2 oz package for about $7 at Walmart or a larger 19.5 oz package for about $10. It's hard to predict how many loads of laundry you can get from a package since the instructions say to "add a little or a lot" of Bounce Bursts. You should add Bounce Bursts to the washer as it's filling with water, as you add the laundry detergent and before throwing in your clothes. Pour Bounce Bursts directly into the drum, not into any dispenser.

Becoming addicted
Becoming addicted Beth McIntire

Becoming addicted

I ended up using an entire capful per large load to get the desired amount of lingering scent on my laundry, but your experience may vary. Of course, the more you use per load, the faster the bottle empties and the more often you'll need to replenish your supply.

Whether or not you've tried other brands of in-wash scent boosters, I recommend giving Bounce Bursts a try if you like the experience of a wonderful fragrance clinging to your clean laundry.