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Revealed: Propaganda techniques used by Obama team to corral voter base

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The Obama White House, escorting various regiments of the liberal Mainstream Media, successfully influences the thoughts and actions of millions of Americans and immigrants by mastering the arts of propaganda, persuasiveness and fabricated logic.

While all political parties use techniques to guide voters toward their views, the Obama Administration and Democrat leadership continue to reveal they are willing to take these avenues to untrustworthy levels of deception.

One particularly disturbing and historic use of the "red herring" technique was claiming the death of our U.S. ambassador and others in Benghazi were the result of a spontaneous attack because of a YouTube video that angered the crowd.

When the Obamacare website began with disastrous results, some more conscious able in media were effectively humiliated enough to begin reporting the dreadful outcomes of the site. When the White House realized the health plan was so bad that it had become dangerous for Democrats seeking reelection in 2014 to continue supporting it, many elements of the mandates were cancelled or postponed. It took the bandwagon effect of the media to help ignore that most of these changes were illegal.

Obama, Harry Reid and others quite often use an “attack ad hominem” to attack a person associated with an issue instead of the issue itself. The best example has become a standard joke line with conservatives, moderates and independents: “It’s Bush’s fault.”

The technique was especially evident in the last presidential election. Millions were fooled by design because the method were used to appeal to emotions rather than a good sense of reason.

Below are more techniques revealed to 'feed the sheep.'

Celebrity endorsement
Celebrity endorsement Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Celebrity endorsement

Hiring and using Hollywood celebrities, sports figures and popular entertainers to mention, applaud and support the Obama agenda has been used extensively.Rapper Jay-Z and NBA star LeBron James attended a concert for Obama. 

Red Herring Technique
Red Herring Technique Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Red Herring Technique

A common pattern is their use of the “red herring” technique, one of the oldest tricks in the book of chicanery to take their followers (or “sheep) attention away from the more pressing issues.

Emotional topics to hide real issues
Emotional topics to hide real issues Pool/Getty Images

Emotional topics to hide real issues

Obama’s media machine tries hard to keep American’s minds on emotional topics such as gun control or amnesty for illegal immigrants while our gas prices soar, the national debt remains climbing at historical highs, and the economy continues to weaken.

Bandwagon Effect
Bandwagon Effect Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Bandwagon Effect

The “bandwagon effect” technique encourages voters to act or think in a certain way simply because everyone else does. Here Obama surrounds himself with others to take the heat off the error-plagued launch of the Obamacare's online enrollment website in the Rose Garden of the White House October 21, 2013.

Feeding the Sheep
Feeding the Sheep Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Feeding the Sheep

While the Obama sheep were asleep dreaming about how millions would be helped with the promised health care plan, the President’s team provided close to 1,500 waivers to Muslims, unions, members of Congress and other favored groups

Over-Generalization Technique
Over-Generalization Technique Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Over-Generalization Technique

The Obama team bases their positions on too little evidence or evidence that ignores exceptions. Obamacare was sold by promising everyone could keep their physician and insurance while the new health plan would save the average family over $2300 a year. It was not true at any time he said it and he said it often. It’s not true now.

False Casualty
False Casualty Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

False Casualty

“False casualty” techniques are used to portray and assume things are not as bad as they appear, or that one event caused another simply because one happened before the other.
When millions of policies were getting canceled in the Obamacare individual market, the Obama regime went to work on how to get their base to ignore it. Obama soon came out and actually stated: “Even if it's a small percentage of people. I mean, we're talkin' about 5% of the population.”

Control the Media
Control the Media Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Control the Media

Obama has hired relatives and people with close ties to different media. White House Correspondents, Chuck Todd for NBC News, Ed Henry for Fox News and Major Garrett for CBS News wait for U.S. President Barack Obama to speak at a press conference.

Feed the Sheep
Feed the Sheep Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Feed the Sheep

“Today, Osama bin Laden is dead, and so are most of his top lieutenants. There have been no large-scale attacks on the United States, and our homeland is more secure,” the President recently declared at the National Defense University. Sheep are willing to go along with his excessively optimistic analysis of the world during his watch. Terror attacks and plots in Benghazi, Boston, Fort Hood, Times Square, Detroit and Little Rock are meager “bumps in the road” as presented by Obama. 

Label it something else
Label it something else Ben Sklar/Getty Images

Label it something else

In November 2009, Obama kicked his media cover up into play by portraying the Fort Hood Jihad killing as a work related incident while instructing Congress to stop their investigations because it was just “political theater.” Corporal Eric Skoog observes a moment of silence at a remembrance service recognizing the 13 victims killed in the Ft. Hood attacks of November 5, 2010. 



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