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Remembering “The Notebook” 10 years later

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If you can believe it, it’s been ten years since The Notebook was adapted to the big screen. This movie essentially changed date movies and set a ridiculous high bar for guys to reach with their girlfriends. The movie is so popular amongst the female population that it even termed “Notebooked/Notebooking” someone. This, if you haven’t’ heard it, means getting someone who hasn’t seen the movie to watch the movie. More often then not, that person will end up falling in love with the movie.

What made this movie so popular is that it had a perfect cast in Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as Noah and Allie. Their chemistry electrified the scene that it engulfed the audiences into the movie. You were no longer watching a movie but watching two people fall in love and try and find a way to be together against all odds. Many couples saw themselves in that couple as they bickered a lot but were very passionate about each other.

Since this movie, Ryan Gosling has done a lot of indie films, focusing more on character driven roles, which earned him an Oscar nomination for his role in Half Nelson. He has stayed mainly in the drama world but he showed that he has some major comedic chops in Crazy, Stupid, Love in 2011. Him and Emma Stone stole that movie and it showed that Gosling can really do it all.

Rachel McAdams has found success as the love interest in many movies but has knocked out every single one. She got a lot of recognition in 2005’s Wedding Crashers and then had another great year in 2009 starring in both Sherlock Holmes and Time Traveler’s Wife. Each role that she takes on has more character and depth then the one before and really shows how amazing of an actress she is and how The Notebook was just the tip of the iceberg for her abilities.

The movie was adapted from a then relatively unknown author Nicholas Sparks as he looked to bring a third one of his books to the big screen (the first one being Message in a Bottle in 1999 and A Walk to Remember in 2002). This was the first book he ever released and is still considered one of the best books that he wrote. Since the release of this movie, five books have been adapted and two more are in the works to be adapted.

Not only was the author relatively unknown, but so was the director, Nick Cassavetes. He had mainly been an actor before only having directed one major film, John Q, before taking the helm of this movie. Since then, he has done three big movies (Alpha Dog, My Sister’s Keeper, and The Other Woman) and a bunch of acting roles.

What separates this movie from other love stories is that it’s the type of movie that all people could like. It didn’t discriminate. Both men and women of all ages could relate to this story in some way. If they didn’t see themselves in the story, they saw someone they knew. Whether it be their parents or their grandparents. It’s an ageless story and it’s easily one of those movies that people will be talking about years from now.

And of course what would any great movie be without some great parts. Below are the top five quotes that came from the movie and made us fall in love with the characters.

For those of you who need a refresher on the movie, below are the top five scenes that made you fall in love with the movie.

#5 - “I can be whatever you want me to be”
#5 - “I can be whatever you want me to be” fan

#5 - “I can be whatever you want me to be”

In this scene we get a real look at the character of Noah. He had just done something crazy in order to get Allie’s attention (climbing the ferris wheel) and is looking to get his reward for that. He quickly sees that she is not easily impressed and that he has to work for her love. Something he is only too happy to do. In this scene, you get a beginning look at how their relationship is going to be in the future and even from there you can feel the sparks fly between the two of them.

#4 - ‘They didn’t agree on much’
#4 - ‘They didn’t agree on much’

#4 - ‘They didn’t agree on much’

In this scene, we get to see just how much they argued with one another and how passionate that they are for one another. They were two people from two different worlds and upbringings. Allie is used to having the world handed to her and Noah is used to having to work for what he has. That’s what makes their relationship so perfect and this little scene shows that even though they bickered, it didn’t deter from their feelings for one another.

#3 - “Why didn’t you write me?”
#3 - “Why didn’t you write me?”

#3 - “Why didn’t you write me?”

This is perhaps the climax of the movie. It’s the part of the movie where she confronts him about the letters because we all knew that it was going to happen at some point. Of course, being the audience we knew both sides so to watch them figure it out for their own was explosive. It’s the beginning of the downfall of her relationship with Lon (but come on, did he really have a chance?) We all knew it was inevitable that Noah and Allie would find each other because that’s what happens with true love.

#2 - “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”
#2 - “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” fan

#2 - “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”

This is perhaps the best quote in the movie and one of the best quotes to ever come from a romantic movie. It really sums up the movie and the way that Noah felt about Allie. He would do or be anything if she was there with him. That line really breaks your heart because that’s what true love is. It’s not caring what your doing or who you are in life, but having that someone you love with you would make everything ok.

#1 - "That's what we do, we fight."
#1 - "That's what we do, we fight." fan

#1 - "That's what we do, we fight."

Anyone who says this isn’t the best scene in the film is lying to you. It’s got so much electricity coming off the screen that I’m surprised it didn’t catch fire. Noah is angry with Allie for being so indecisive and thinks that she just played him. Understandable considering that she wants to run back to Lon to talk to him. That’s the problem with liking all the edges of the love triangle, it makes you feel bad for the one to get their heart broken. Lon is just a victim in this love story where he never really stood a chance.



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