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Reggae in the Hills 2014 features

Reggae in the Hills 2014

Sacramento Reggae fans are warming up to the vibe. Reggae festivals have been populated in the thousands for many years all over the world. The festivals are reaching out to us with local, One Love One Heart Reggae Festival in Sacramento, and other easily reached Northern California venues. This year will be the third consecutive year for one of the most highly rated Reggae festivals to take place in California. Reggae in the Hills takes place in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills at the Calaveras County fairgrounds June 13-15, 2014.

The Reggae in the Hills festival is growing quickly and is run with precision and loving care that is a salute to the underlying philosophy of the genre. The 2014 performing artists that are booked to appear are already creating a stir. In other words, excitement is in the air as Reggae fans start planning their stay in Calaveras County at campgrounds and local hotels. Music isn't the only good thing festival attendees look forward to experiencing. Dance and other performance art will be "showcased throughout" with fire dancers, drum circles, and other side shows. Cool vendors with their jewelry, art, crafts, clothing and all manner of unique merchandise will be in the house alongside Island style and festival foods.

This festival is designed to be grand and a fulfilling experience for everyone. The mix of nature and high tech sound and lighting as well as stage production captivated festival goers in the past two years and is assured to do so again. Following are some of the reasons many Sacramento Reggae fans are putting this three day extravaganza on their calendar along with the thousands of other fans hailing from Calaveras County and beyond.

Yummy Food
Yummy Food Susan Raines

Yummy Food

Everyone knows that the belly roars at festivals and fairs and needs to be tamed. There will be an abundance of curries, fresh vegetables both Indian and Island style from the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The kids and adult kids won’t go without their favorites either with classic festival foods made available. That means corndogs, barbeque and cotton candy will play a hunger appeasing role next to shark, fried plantain and basmati rice.

For those who love their wine, the region is ripe with top caliber wineries that can be visited during their stay in Calaveras County. More information about the extensive list of wineries can be found at the Reggae in the Hills local features section.

Man in the Moon
Man in the Moon Reggae In The Hills

Man in the Moon

Cool graphics, colorful banners and professional lighting will all bring a rainbow to the festival. The mixture of people in the programs as well as the attendees will make the festival a glorious mix of tones. Props will be included to enhance the atmosphere and stage presentation. This year the graphic theme is the Man in the Moon which was preceded in the past two year by a Lion and a Gnome enjoying the Reggae vibes.

The Calaveras County environment will also add beauty with hills, trees and grass as well as nearby state and national parks and lakes. If you want to get away from the festival for an hour or two, there are ample options to consider. However, the Reggae experience will likely hold you embraced in the scene, eager to hear the next set, the next band and the next song.

Junior Reid and One Blood Family
Junior Reid and One Blood Family RITH, Junior Reid and One Blood Family

Junior Reid and One Blood Family

Junior Reid and the One Blood Family will perform at Reggae In the Hills on Sat., June 14 at 10:30 p.m.

Delroy 'Junior' Reid comes to the forefront today with a mixed and often misunderstood musical background. He has been compared to, as well as defined as an imitator of Michael Rose whom he replaced in the Black Uhuru band in 1985. During that period, he is most known for his contributions to "Brutal" and "Positive" on two of the Black Uhuru albums.

After departing the band, in 1990 Reid recorded his "One Blood" album with a hit song of the same name. He struggled as a solo artist through the 90's until eventually fulfilling his true potential with releases that include Long Road, Big Timer and Listen to the Voices. As the Reggae audience broadened in following years, Junior Reid gained in popularity and is now known to all serious Reggae lovers across the globe.

Marlon Asher
Marlon Asher RITH, Marlon Asher

Marlon Asher

Marlon Asher is scheduled to perform at the 2014 Reggae in the Hills on Sat., June 14 at 3:30 p.m.

A native Trinidadian, Mr. Marlon Asher, had a passion for music since his a youth. He has been inspired by Reggae greats as well as his consistent drive to express his god given talents in music. Asher says that he is grateful to share his message with the world through the gift that he has been given. “I believe I am a messenger here to deliver a serious message. Your talent should never go to waste because with God all things are possible. Pray hard and you will succeed!

"His messages are easily conveyed through the poignant lyrics in his songs 'Blessings', 'Give Thanks & Praises', 'Love Of Jah' and 'Settle Down.'" In 2007 Marlon Asher took home the COTT Award (Copyright Organization of Trinidad & Tobago) for best Reggae/Dancehall Artist. It was Asher’s second nomination and his first win. In 2008, he was also nominated a third time for his video “Shorty.”

Because Marlon Asher's current tours of the United States are sold out in over 15 cities along side Reggae band Slightly Stoopid, the Reggae in the Hills festival is fortunate to be able to introduce him to the anticipated crowd in the thousands.

Natty Vibes
Natty Vibes RITH, Natty Vibes

Natty Vibes

Natural Vibrations, aka Natural Vibes or Natty Vibes, will perform at Reggae in the Hills on Sun., June 15, 7:00 p.m..

They are "Hawaii's most popular and acclaimed band from the Windward side of Oahu. They started out as a group of friends who loved playing music and went from playing backyard parties to headlining some of Hawai'is biggest shows and venues. Since 1996 they've recorded 6 full length albums featuring a sound with strong roots in reggae, rock and pop. Their unique musical blend combined with a party and dance energy has allowed them to share the stage with artists like Prince, 311, Jimmy Cliff, Ziggy Marley, UB40," and others.

Natty Vibes states, "Our biggest accomplishment is to after 15 years still be playing and producing music that is loved and anticipated by our fans."

Tribal Seeds
Tribal Seeds RITH, Tribal Seeds

Tribal Seeds

Tribal Seeds will perform at Reggae in the Hills on Fri., June 13 at 10:30 p.m.

They are from San Diego, California and are known for the "spiritually driven, refreshing rock vibe they have infused with the roots style of Reggae music."

Tribal Seeds’ debut, "self titled album 'Tribal Seeds' was released in 2008 with their second album 'The Harvest' following June of 2009. iTunes named both albums 'Best Of' in the Reggae genre, for their respected years. Their debut album helped garner them the 'Best World Music' title at the San Diego Music Awards in 2008, and 'The Harvest,' which contained fourteen new and original songs, debuted at the number five spot on the Billboard Reggae Charts."

"In 2011, Tribal Seeds gave listeners a brand new EP entitled “Soundwaves,” which peaked at number two on the Billboard Reggae Charts. The band notes that the album was inspired by their life experiences, being on tour, and their desire to inspire youth to raise their voices and seek a higher consciousness."

Full range of Reggae performers
Full range of Reggae performers RITH

Full range of Reggae performers

The above noted Reggae performers are only a few among those that are booked to appear at the 2014 Reggae in the Hills. You can get an early start with the vibe at the RITH 2014 artist sampler here. Its a real teaser! The full schedule includes the following.

2014 RITH artists are Tribal Seeds, Prezident Brown, Collie Buddz, Junior Reid and the One Blood Family featuring Young Jr., Juju Blood, Wada Blood & Andrew Reid, Luciano, Natural Vibrations (Natty Vibes), Marlon Asher, Fortunate Youth, Cas Haley, Junior Toots, Mike Pinto, Mike Love, Arden Park Roots, Animo, Mystic Roots, Indubious, Jet West, Massive Delicious, Shrub, Braata, King Schascha, A La Lune, Kila Kali, Dub Gideon, Sol Seed, The Remedy, Freedom Fighta Sound, Mountain Lion Sound, Stay Positive Sound, Inner Standing Sound Sanctuary, Squarefield Massive, DJ Anaya, Shashamani, Hosted by J Ras and family...

These performers come from as near as California to across the world to bring a full range of Reggae style to the festival. Reggae in the Hills patrons won’t be disappointed if their response is anything like the first two years. The first year saw nearly 2,700, the second nearly 3,600 with an anticipated attendance of 5,000-6,000 in 2014. Those intending to camp should purchase their tickets as soon as possible. Please see the official RITH website here for more information on tickets, artists, schedule, rules, and local highlights.

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