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Reaper Bones review #143: Bonnie, Futuristic Heroine

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If you know the "Resident Evil" film franchise then you've already met Bonnie. Her name is Alice. Given that Reaper decided to produce Gears of War-style miniature and a variety of zombie apocalypse survivors, it's inevitable that Bonnie would eventually show up. After all, what's a zombie apocalypse without a hot cloned babe to start dual-gunning her way through hordes of the undead?

Bonnie 1
Bonnie 1 Michael Tresca

Bonnie 1

Bonnie's loaded for bear, with two blades strapped to her back, shoulder holsters for two pistols, and a submachinegun in each hand.  Her wrists are wrapped in some kind of cloth, and her jeans are cuffed tightly above her knees. She's moving fast too, with one foot off the ground.  And that's where Reaper Bones gets messy.

Bonnie 2
Bonnie 2 Reaper

Bonnie 2

Reaper's Bonesium is awesome for storing miniatures, painting miniatures, and if you're anything like me, frequently dropping miniatures.  What it's not great is providing a strong structural framework for miniatures.  Berkeley's one flimsy leg is not enough to keep her upright, and even if you do manage to straighten her out using the boiling water/freezing cold technique, she's just going to get warped again from rough handling.

Bonnie 3
Bonnie 3 Reaper

Bonnie 3

Bonnie's a decent choice for a zombie game, but not so great in Bonesium. You can purchase this miniature at Amazon.

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